Denver School of Nursing Accreditation Status

  1. Does anyone have any recent information (within the past few months) regarding where DSN is in their NLN accreditation process, i.e., have they reached candidate status, or has anyone heard from administration or other students about when they are hoping to achieve their initial accreditation? 2009? 2010? Any knowledge would be greatly welcomed.

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  3. by   Apgar10
    You can check that yourself by going to the site. They have candidates and accredited programs. I did some checking on a program in CA so that is how I know about. I went a step further to ask (through the "contact us" link) about a program and if they had any sort of application on the school. They were very helpful.
  4. by   noodlehead5050
    I read on a thread about DSN that CO BON has made a req for all CO nursing schools to be accredited by 2010. So, i guess that is the deadline for DSN??
  5. by   bridgfor428
    that would be nice noodle, if that is the case. i don't see how the nlnac will change their acceditation process to fit the bon's desires. unless that would be the board's way of saying "if you can't get it done by 2010, you're out of luck." i might do what the previous poster mentioned and go to their nlnac's website and contact them.
  6. by   albpreemieRN
    any more word on their status?
    I will be attending in Jan and it would be nice to know before hand.
  7. by   redasylum
    NO I just drop from the RN to BSN program Because my place of employment University of colorado wouldnt pay tuition remburstment because its not regional accredited, they also said no one will except their credits and afer finishing my first quarter 3800 down the drain. It was also mentioned that you will not be grandfathered in .FYI they have failed several times in their attempt. I found the program very disorganized. Go to an accredited University if you plane on futhering your education
  8. by   nurse2033
    Quote from noodlehead5050
    I read on a thread about DSN that CO BON has made a req for all CO nursing schools to be accredited by 2010. So, i guess that is the deadline for DSN??
    That would explain why so many CO programs are going through the process. I would assume that once you apply you get Candidate status which would qualify, unless you fail then you would have to try again.
  9. by   Lizzie21
    Does anyone know how the accreditation process is going?
  10. by   Nursedenver
    I've heard from my friends that still attend DSN that the NLNAC visit at the end of February went very well. They told me they won't know for sure until the national board votes in mid July. I know that my firends from DSN that graduated in December all passed their NCLEX and most of them already have jobs. I'm sure you can call the school and they can give you more detailed information. Good luck. This is from a post I did on the "Denver School of Nursing--BSN Experience page in March
    I don't see how they wouldn't get it. DSN's pass rates rock!
  11. by   amma21888
    In case anyone is still wondering....I am a student at DSN and we found out yesterday that we have been granted NLNAC accreditation. It is good for the next 5 years which is the maximum amount of time they will grant it for. Exciting news!