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My brother had routine colonoscopy 10 days ago. They found polyp that doc described as "huge". The doctor said had another two years passed before they found it there would have been "BIG" problems. It was removed completely during colonoscopy. The doctor also told my brother he should thank God.

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Wow... :eek:

Pretty amazing...thanking God here, too! :)


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My father passed away from colon cancer before screening became available to the military (they are or atleast were always behind in the times). This was back in the early-mid seventies, he was 36 yrs old when he passed on. I am 32 and just had my 1st colonoscopy. Pleased to say I made it through and my results were neg. I can not stress enough, the need for early screening...especially when it is available and if detected early, it is curable. I agree with the doc and thank god he went, so many men will go without being diagnosed...until it is too late. Bless you and your family. I am sure after discovering that polyp, he'll surely go back every few years for his followup...I pray that each one has great news!!!


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My father nearly died from colon CA. He didn't seek medical help for his symptoms until he was so dehydrated from severe nausea that he passed out at home with a BP of 50 systolic. Surgery revealed he had what they call an "apple core" growth that had almost totally ocluded his bowels. Luckily this was totally contained and his lymph was clear of any CA cells. Now 5 years later he is still clear of any recurring cancerous cells. Your story speaks to how important "routine" screening is!


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I am somewhat of a hypochondriac, I am always bugging my wife about minor illnesses that she says I blow way out of proportion. Fortunately my paranoia was beneficial when the doctor found and removed a polyp during a sigmoidoscopy. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks later and luckily he did not find anymore. The procedures were not that uncomfortable, in fact I hardly remember the colonoscopy. Of course that could be due to the sedative. I agree with the above messages that early screening is important. Don't wait for symptoms to occur. I'm not sure about the age but I believe it is suggested that everyone have their first colonoscopy by age 40 unless there is a family history of colon polyps or cancer in which case it should be earlier. Oramar I am glad to hear your brother is all right. The thought of getting cancer is one of my worst fears.

Good health to all of you,


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I'm so glad your brother lucked out!!!


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A year and a half ago my OTHER brothers wife died at age 40 from colon cancer. It was quite devastating and since then one by one we have all been checked.

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Thankful for your brother, too, Oramar ! :)

Do the health insurance ppl ( as in our employers' health ins. package) cover colonoscopies "routinely", or must we seek prior approval/justification from our PCP?

Just wondering, 'cuz my enitire family history is riddled with cancer, especially on my Dad's side. There were seven siblings and ALL have long since passed away (including Dad) of some type of cancer. :o

I've had a lot of GI issues myself.. kinda like "irritable bowl, spastic colon, and bouts of severe diarrhea" for over 20 years.. but seems to have eased in the past 5 years.. feel pretty "normal" now. Just thought perhaps I might be a good candidate for a colonoscopy IF our insurance will cover it without a lot of hoopla....?


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In my case I was 31 years father died of colon ca. Some insurance is different, mine required no authorization. Family hx is jusification in most cases...I would get it done in your case. I did go to a GI doc, who I was referred to by my PCP. Best of luck..Nicunsg


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jnette, even if your insurance requires approval of PCP your family hx would justify one


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oramar, I am thankful your brother will be ok. Goes to show this is a valuable tool in the fight against cancer. I hope he continues to be healthy!

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I think the recommendations I've seen say routine colonoscopy screening to begin at age 50 unless a family history of colon cancer. My best friend's mom had colon cancer in the 60's and was cured and lived until two years ago when she died of respiratory problems. My friend started routine screenings at 40.

My husband turns 50 in August . . . been thinking of getting him a colonoscopy but he is one of those guys who doesn't go to the doctor, unless forced.

One of my friend's got her husband a motorcyle last month for his 50th . . . .

Guess if I do get him a colonoscopy, I'd better get him something fun too . . . but I can't afford a motorcyle. :eek:


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