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I have been enrolled in my nursing program effective for my colleges 2004-2006 course catalog. I have yet to take microbio, which according to my course catalog is a prereq for nursing 5. In the new 2007-2008 book, it is a prereq for nursing 4. Which one do you think i will have to abide by? I ask because it works better for my if i dont have to take it until Nursing 5. If i have to take it sooner, I cram my schedule big time! help please.

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If the new catalog says that you have to take it by nursing 4, then it's probably nursing 4. The powers that be probably realized that it wasn't working out taking micro for nursing 5.

But ask anyway.

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The college will go with its current rule, so guess what? You'll have to cram it into your schedule big time. Sorry. But, that's the way it works. Life just isn't always fair.


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Most colleges require a student to abide by the catalog requirements that were in effect at the date of their enrollment, however, the college may also take the stand that the new requirement goes into effect on the date stated, for everyone enrolled as of that date. In other words, it could go both ways. Your catalog should have a statement in it indicating how your college does this. You need to go to the college administration and ask someone. It is wise just to take the class at the earlier time frame and readjust your schedule with the other classes. This is a very good example of why it is advisable to have prerequisite and corequisite classes all completed prior to entering the nursing portion of one's program. It is difficult trying to take regular classes along with nursing classes. Most nursing programs recognize this and now make it mandatory that at least the prerequisite classes be completed before starting nursing. Sorry this happened to you.


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In my college we are allowed to use any catalog from which was used while we were enrolled at the school. For instance, I was enrolled in Fall '05 so I can use any catalog from that date forward to count for graduationg. Funny thing is that they just added a new class for this coming catalog, you can take either a upper division psych or a consumer sciences class, they said it would help us do better on the nclex. Hah! I'm not taking anything extra than what I have to, it's hard enough to get all of their work done, let alone some other class. I'd forget 95% of it by the time the NCLEX comes around anyways, thats what reviews are for. I guess that sounds kind of bad and I don't care, but I would just rather concentrate myself on my nursing classes and doing good with them and focus on one area than being strung out all over the place.

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