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Do you guys do co-bedding with your twins and triplets? If so, are they always in the same bed or do you let them "visit" with each other every once in a while?

To answer my own question: our chief neonatologist doesn't like babies sharing isolettes or cribs. So all of our babies have their own bed and aren't allowed visiting with each other. That said, when he is away or out of town (or on night shifts), we will sometimes put (non intubated) twins together in 1 isolette for a little while, but only if neither one of them is on antibiotics or r/o NEC.

Our other neonatologists don't mind co-bedding as much, but none of them promote it.

Usually we don't put them together until they're very stable, no IV's, no ventilatory support except maybe nasal cannula. If they're tiney, we bed them in one of our larger giraffe's, otherwise, they're in a crib....works well with tripletts too. Really helps families when visiting and allows patient assignements to include both of them. Whe at all possible, if we've got twins in ICN, we position their beds close to each other in the same room for ease of visitation.



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Our unit encourages co-bedding of twins/triplets - only if they are all stable. We've cobedded kids with PICCs and IV's.

On eof our neos dont like it...never given a rationale. We will cobed if stable (no vent, no IV's/piccs.) we will occasionally cobed in an isolette, but usually in cribs.

I love the idea of cobedding. I think it would provide some comfort if nothing else. I saw a study back a few months ago that didnt show any real improvement in A's/B's while cobedding...and if I remember correctly, no temp stability, either. But I dont think the study had a very large number of participants. Someone who knows the study I am talking about (advancec in neonatal care) may be able to elaborate further or correct any misinfo.


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We do not co-bed I do not know our policy on that, will have to look up and inquire about it from our NNP and neos and what there thoughts and feeling are, However we do allow parents to hold there twins triplets all at once when they are stable, on low cpaps, NC or roomair and it doesn't matter on if they have IVs or perc lines. Our unit is broken up into individule rooms for each of the babies they are more along the lines of large cubby room most of all are split by rooms with widows between them and the front of the room is open to the hallways and a curtins to give families privacy however we do have 3 twin sets of twin rooms and a triplet room which have the walls divided by curtins so they rooms can be opened up and the mulitbles can be closer toghether and then the family can visit the babes together.

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We cobed as soon as they can :) It is kind of fun to sit and watch because sometimes, when they are sleeping head to head their heartrates and resps will match :) We have never had a problem with infection with these kids, if one starts acting up, they are separated immediately. We've watched a trend with weight also and a lot of the time the smaller twin will start to gain better after being co-bedded with it's sib....it may be coincidence, but who knows. We had quads all in one big crib one time...that was a nightmare! The really big one would start wailing and then they all followed suit! Yikes! Then the reflux one would barf on his sib...we had to separated that one with rolls after that! Yuck!

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Then the reflux one would barf on his sib...we had to separated that one with rolls after that! Yuck!

We cobed a whole lot. But it's like a rule that cobedded multiples WILL puke on each other. I always place a burp cloth like a bib and barrier. If I don't, I will be cleaning puke off the other twin soon.

Also if they are borderline or low on their temp, just spoon them skin to skin with each other and swaddle them together. Never had that not work to bring their temps up. If anything most of the time cobedded twins tend to run a little high on their temps.


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I heard that our unit used to years ago, and that something "bad" happened (ie: one of the twins died????? I dunno) anyway...It is a big NO-NO now.



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we used to co-bed all the time (once the babies hit the open crib stage) - and I personally love doing it - but the American Association of Pediatrics recently came out with the position that they no longer recommend it, so we're no longer allowed to do it.

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