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cathys01 has 4 years experience and specializes in NICU, CVICU.

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  1. Who interviewed at UTHSC Houston?

    Why don't you either call or email the program director? Have you received any of the emails he has been sending (two or three so far I think) over the last few weeks about summer registration? I'm guessing that would be the best person to answer y...
  2. PA to CRNA

    If your wife is "tired of controlling doctors", then I doubt an AA program is what she'll want. An Anesthesiology Assistant is only allowed to work under an Anesthesiologist. If her desire is to do anesthesia solo (without "controlling doctors") th...
  3. Does LTAC count as critical care?

    I think the best way to find out would be to contact the schools you want to apply to and ask them. What kinds of drips? Titrating inotropes and vasoactive drips? I doubt you'll see those in an LTAC, but maybe I'm wrong.
  4. ICU Q's

    If your ultimate goal is to get into a CRNA program, then you are probably wasting your time trying to transfer to ER. Most programs (for whatever reason) do not accept ER experience. You will need ICU experience. And a friend of mine was passed ...
  5. Will I struggle in CRNA school with only NICU experience?

    I was in the same boat two years ago. I had two years Level III NICU and wanted to apply to CRNA school. My situation was a little different in that I still needed to complete my RN/BSN program. So I changed specialties and went to adult CVICU at a...
  6. Do I have what it takes?

    Everybody stands a chance. But there are some things you can do now to improve your chances. Generally, there's not much you can do for your GPA, so I would work on other areas. 1. Retake the GRE, use all the prep books and get your score above 1...
  7. How does NICU experience transfer to adults?

    I agree 110% with Baby*Pink. I have done both. I went into NICU as a new grad because I had a definite passion for neonatal ICU. At the time, my plans were to continue to on and become an NNP. Along the way, I decided to pursue the CRNA route and...
  8. Need your input on this

    I think you should have accepted the offer in the SICU. You will be working with surgical patients as a CRNA. The busy SICU is definitely the way to go. Can you get that offer back? I don't see the benefit of starting in a CCU to switch a year lat...
  9. Student living

    Student loans and private loans. Lots of loans. Some people also sign contracts with anesthesia groups that will pay a stipend while you are in school and/or pay off student loans upon graduation. There are many ways to do it. Primarily, the mos...
  10. Houston Medical Center parking

    Here's the latest info for parking in the med center...
  11. Which is better CCU or SICU for CRNA?

    SICU > CCU Big Hospital (Level I Trauma) > Community Hospital You want to have experience with surgical patients if possible, the sicker the better...but really, any good high acuity ICU will work. Every school has their own idea of which ICU ...
  12. Who interviewed at UTHSC Houston?

    On UTLink mine says: "You have been admitted to the program for the term shown above." The class that started in Fall2008 had 22 students, I think.
  13. TCU Interview

    People (in the DFW area?) were posting yesterday that they had received acceptance letters. Sounds like those of us in the Houston area haven't received anything yet, based on a non-scientific quickie poll of several friends that interviewed at TCU ...
  14. I am sure the minimum REQUIREMENT isn't 5 years, however, perhaps the quality of the applicants is such that 5 years happens to be the least amount of experience of the applicants that get in.
  15. Texas Applicants for Fall of 2009

    Congrats!!!!! :yeah: