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I would like to know if I should try to be a CNA in LOng Term Care while going for my LPN the RN. Did any of you do this? Did it help you with school at all? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.:confused:

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Sorry for the typo's. What I meant was I'm in school for LPN then I'm going to continue to get my ADN (RN). I'm currently not working, but I need something. How do you all do it?


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I know several people in class and in the hospitals that are working a few nights a week or weekends while attending nursing school. Most stated in the beginning that they were going to work 20 hours a week and go to school (we go all day every day) but they all came to a point where they just couldn't do it anymore. In the beginning it worked but later school became more demanding. If you can work for a while then do that. It will defineately be helpcul to you later on. But be open to the fact that as school becomes more intense and you get deeper in, you may have to cut back or cut it out completly. This isn't a problem for me because my husband can support us, but it may be cause for concern for you. Do what you can and take it one day at a time. :) Good luck!!

i'm a cna and in a 2 yr program. i started cna because i never wanted to be a nurse that would have to ask someone to do things that i wouldn't do myself.

however, i must say that i don't work very often. when i'm on breaks i take quite a few shifts. while school is going on though, i concentrate on school. priorities. :D

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I have been a CNA for 2 months now. I am not in a nursing school yet, but I would highly recomend being a CNA before you are a nurse.


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i personally think there would be great advantages if you could. all the best to you.

I agree with everyone. I think it is a great idea to work as a CNA before going to school or during school.

#1--It will help you be more confident during your clinicals rotations, by just having had some contact with patients before. Your first day of clinicals, those who have never worked as a CNA will be very nervous and unsure of every move they make, and those that have worked as a CNA will at least feel a little bit more at ease.

#2--It will help you by understanding how difficult the job of CNA can be, once you become a nurse.

#3--CNA's respect you more if you were once a CNA and if you show that you know how to do their job. Having the respect of the CNA's on your unit is a big help in getting things done and done right.

I've been an LPN for 13 years but I worked as a CNA for about a year before LPN school and found it very comforting that I had that experience. Sure, I was still nervous at clinicals but I wasn't LOST. Some of my classmates were.

Good luck to you!!!

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Thanks everyone! This is such a friendly site:) I'm going to look into it Monday.


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I have the greatest respect for CNA's, the ones I've seen are very "hard workers":)

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I spoke with a LTC home and she said they will certify you there, and even help with school costs if I decide I like it there and will sign an agreement to work there for the length of school they pay for. Wish me luck!!!!:) I'm so excited!!


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I have been a CNA for almost two years. It has helped me a lot sice I have started school. There are several people in my class who have never done anything like this before and they are so nervous about clinicals. I reccomend it.

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I am also a CNA now and have been for about a year and afew months now. I work at the hospital and I love it. There is lots of people who are working every other weekend at the hospital during school. You also have a PRN type of position where you can choose how often you want to work and when. I personally have decided that when classes start for me in January, I am staying full time but going to a Baylor position.(12 hrs on Sat. and Sun. 7p-7a and get full time benefits still). THeres several options. Oh in North Carolina it is required that you have a CNA certification before you can be accepted to a nursing program/ Does SC not do that?

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