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Hello everybody. I am going to be taking a CNA course this term while a senior in high school and I wanted to know whether or not the labor and delivery units have CNA's? If so what are their duties and do they need prior experience? Also do you know what the beginning pay is? thanks!!!!


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I would check into larger the smaller ones I have worked at do NOT have CNA's, but rather OR techs and scrub techs. I think the bigger hospitals DO assign CNA's to L and D. Usually, CNA's do things like, take vital signs, change linens, assist w/ ADLs for moms..and more often than not, also the paperwork and/or computerwork....They also clean equipment after deliveries and prepare it for Sterilization. This is what our scrub techs do. They also often strip rooms that are emptied by discharged patients.....etc.

NO SET DUTIES at times, and often as an RN, I find myself side-by-side doing these things WITH or FOR the CNA/CST. I do not know what starting pay is; it depends on where you are, I am sure and any experience you have. I suggest you go to the nearest hospital and ask these very questions. I wish you well----best of luck!


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None in the hospitals I have worked at...


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I have seen hospitals that use CNAs in L&D...for getting vital signs, setup rooms, stocking, help with admissions, paperwork, and cleaning up..etc.


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We don't use CNA's in L&D here either, but if you're interested in working in OB, the postpartum units utilize CNA's where I've worked.


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daisy16, it just depends on what area of the country you are in. Ask the hospitals in your area, and you will be able to get a better answer as to if they do or don't!:cool: Everywhere is different..:)


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i have only worked at one hospital that used cna's in L&D we donot ,but we do have a surgical tech ondays and on call for c/s


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We use CNA's (or OB Techs as we call them) every day! As we deliver more babies a year than most hospitals in the country, we couldn't function without them. They get vitals, shave for c/s, foley, draw blood (no IV starts, however), scrub sections, clean monitors, etc. With the nursing shortage and our high volume, a good OB Tech can be a godsend! I recommend you check out the largest hospital in the area if you are interested.

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I am a CNA at a local hospital and while they do use CNAs in the BIrthplace (as we call it), it is the hardest positon in the entire hospital to land. Most of the women who are cnas there have been in there for years!! At our hospiital one stays one the floor assisting the nurses with vitals and cleaning and the other stays in the nursery and does baths


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Our L&D CNAs are very busy folks!

Can you imagine have 14 'bosses' telling you what to do x 12 hours? LOL!

Our CNAs set up delivery tables, assist in transporting patients, do stocking, help w/ "am cares" , pass trays, help the unit secretary, run errands...everything!

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