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Hello. I am soon to be a CNA who is looking to find out if Nursing is where I want my future to be. I plan on trying out several different settings hopefully.

I was just curious what role a CNA plays in your ED's and what type of tasks they usually handle.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Warm Regards, Michael

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We don't have CNAs in our ER unless we are lucky enough to have one come down from the float pool of CNAs. Their job when they come down is to make sure the rooms get cleaned, linens emptied, patients transported to where ever they need to go.

We have ED techs who do our blood draws and EKGs, and we also have nursing students who we let do skills that they are trained to do. I don't know if this is the answer you were looking for, and it may not be the same in every ER. Good luck on where ever you go.


we have ED techs that have either been trained as a cna or are current nursing students. we further train them in the ED with a 2 month orientation.

skills/tasks include:

blood draws (peripheral only, no ports etc.)

application of simple OCL splints

wound cleansing and setup of laceration sterile fields

urine dips in the ED

cleaning of the rooms

restocking linens and supplies

transporting patients (except to ICU which requires a nurse)

vital signs


and a host of other things that i can't even remember at the moment. i stared as an ED tech before i graduated nursing school and the experience was invaluable.

good luck to you. :)

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Michael -- I volunteer in the ED at one of our local hospitals here in southeastern PA.

Believe there's a CNA on duty every shift. And they perform the work outlined in the previous posts.


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If you are serious about being a nurse, then I applaud you. ER is awsome.. You never know what's going to come through the doors next. I guess that's why I love it. I have been a lvn for 3 years in a busy ER. I was previously a tech for 14 years, and as a tech I learned so much that helped me in nursing school. you basically take vital signs, assist in proceedures, stock supplies (this helps you learn instruments, trays, equipment and such) and transport patients. You also learn heart arrithmias, and different leads to place patients in. Just wanted to let you know... p.s. they usually want you to be a cna with some experiance or a emt/paramedic student... good luck and I hope you enjoy.


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I currently volunteer at a local ER and soon hope to be an ER Tech, with pretty much the same job description.

Erin RN

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Many of our ER techs were previous volunteers..usually the nurses would all band together and get them on....I loved the techs!!

Hey there!

I'm currently working in a Level 1 trauma center (this means we get all the BAAAD traumas)

I work as an ed tech and this is what I do..

When there is a trauma.. my job is to put the pt on the monitors bp 5 lead ekg pulse ox and temp

once the rn draws labs, i print out all the lables for the tubes and send them to the lab stat!

I dip the urine

and get whatever the docs and rns need for the patient

for example I will set up chestubes, hook em up to suction, a-lines and dpl kits

And thats just when a trauma comes in.

The tech is really important because alot of the residents are new, so they have no idea where things are in the ed! We as techs have to know just about where everything is!

We also transport pts to the floors, cat scan etc...

I like to consider myself as a "jack of all trades" i do a little of everything....(within my scope of practice of course;) I do have my cna lic. right now I m finishing up my 2nd to last semester in rn school.

I do have to say that I have learned so much in the ed! Its a great opportunity if you dont mind the crazy etoh' ers


Originally posted by Erin RN

I loved the techs!!

Thank you!:D


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Erin Rn,

Thats good news....I feel quite welcomed there by the nurses. I currently have my CNA liscense and around 5 months in the ER as a volunteer(100 hours I beleive). Half of my shift, I usally stick by the triage nurse and help out with splints, controlling cuts + nosebleeds and listening to a lot of patient history's. I usually make an estimate of what number to classify them(we use a 3 level comphrensive system)

I'm applying over december/january so I can do all the orientation and not have it cut into school. I figure as an ED tech, I can gain alot of confidence and a super amount of experience that will uber-prepare me for nursing school next year. And yes, I did say Uber....


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We do not have CNA's in the ER where I work, but we do have patient care techs that do a lot of the same things as well as place splints, do EKG's, work with the nurse in code situations, do compressions during cpr, etc. The patient care techs are a very valuable part of our team.


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I am an ER nurse and I could not survive without the techs. They draw blood, do EKGS, put on splints and help with crutch walking. They also do accuchecks, transport pts, and do chest compressions during a code. They are wonderful.:kiss

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