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Sounds like you are getting great experience..Keep your eyes/ ears open basically act like a will learn all about interpersonal communication, critical thinking and rationales in a very short amount of time..that was what I liked best about the ER..lots of experience in a short amt of time.... If you are the type that is not intimidated , likes to learn and is willing to jump right in (like happy student) both the nurses and the MDs will LOVE you and I am not kidding...don't let em see you sweat and never take anything personally either from the pts or the staff..High stress environments can sometimes trigger impatience etc..Have fun!! Erin


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We are so glad when we have our orderly. We generally hire guys for the Er , just for extra muscle. They have numerous duties:

set up heart monitors/ O2/ VS

transport for test / admission to floors

assist with CPR in codes

catheters/ obtain spec/ assist with OCL's

restaining pt ... for this I am truly thankful

I was a CNA in the ER before going to nursing school and I also worked the Chest Pain Obs unit behind the ED when busy.

Good luck ...:D

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