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CNA Week starts tommorow. This is a question for the CNA's out there. Our facility is hosting a luncheon for them tommorow. Myself and the other Unit Manager are bringing dunuts in to work for them on Friday. Our human resources department is printing up lots of banners and posters acknowledging CNA week. Our administrator is buying them gifts. Is there anything else I as a unit manager or our facility should be doing?

How is everyone else celebrating CNA week? I truly feel I would be lost without most of my CNA's.

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At my facility they had events everyday (bingo day, open house, etc) and we got to dress casually everyday that week. I think the luncheon sounds like a wonderful idea. It's rare that a unit manager would show such appreciation for CNA's! (at least at my LTC) I think you are doing enough to convey your appreciation!

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Personally I'd like a little bonus, or to keep the place fully staffed all week!


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My facility doesn't celebrate or do anything for CNA week. :(


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Same thing as the nurses got, generic card we signed and a do da packet (poem with a peppermint, a penny, and teabag). Wasn't a memorable one this year. :icon_roll


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There are 4 other night shift nurses in my facility, and 8 techs. We have no idea if administration is doing any thing or not, but my fellow nurses and I have been planning for a month.We got them all tote bags, and filled them with goodies(hand cream, hand sanitizer, etc.)each got a t-shirt that says CNA- compassion in action. I know, I know, a little corny but cute,and a lapel pin. Next week we're bringing in a big spread of food. When all else fails, we all love food! There is absolutely no way I could do my job properly without the techs. I have been blessed with great ones and we want them to know how much we appreciate them.

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How about when you have the lunches etc, make sure that someone is covering their call bells etc. Or even a all hands on deck and help the CNAs with a meal pass etc.


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Back in my day, we did a whole week of activities- had gifts for drawings all during the day and night - nice gifts like massages, pedicures, gift certificates, etc....there was a grand prize drawing at the end of the week which was for 4 different prizes- dinner for two, movie passes, dvd player, and TV. All the CNA's got a goodie bag - a lunch box with logo on them "CNA's heart of care" or something like that, a lapel pin, a t-shirt, and a certificate for a free lunch at the facility, as well as a gift certificate to one of the local grocery stores. We had a big luncheon at the end of the week an food was catered in for the night shift. We also had special pizza delivery for nights during that week as well. It was a big deal, I certainly appreciate all the hard work the CNA's do. We had a big event for the nures as well for nurses week.

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