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I was long does it take to do the schooling for being a CNA? My school offers it and its only 2 months long....120 hours. Does this sound too short of a time to train someone for this field?


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Depends on which school you are talking about. All schools are different. In our Nursing School it takes the 1st semester to be a CNA 1 and with two semesters you become CNA 2. I would ask an advisor at your school that works in that dept.


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Yep. The classes can be anywhere from 2 weeks on up, I believe. The only differences being how many hours per day & how many days per week you meet.

The one I went to through my school was 10 weeks long & we met only one day per week from 8-4:30.


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My CNA school was 10 weeks and we met twice a week for four hours each time.

Good luck in becoming a CNA, it changed my life for the better.

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2 months was how long mine was, seems to be about average.


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I have my last day of clinicals tomorrow... our class was 5 weeks long (4 days a week)


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The college where I took my CNA ranges from 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on how many days a week you did classroom & clinicals.

2 months is of luck to you!:)


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my cna training was about 3 months because i went part- time. i really enjoyed the training and i hope you will too. Good Luck!


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Mine was 6 weeks, 5 days week at a LTC facility. I think each state requires different things.

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