What Shift Do You Prefer?

  1. I start my clinicals soon in the LTC environment. My mom worked in LTC for several years and always told me how much she loved the night shift. I have a choice of 7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm...which I am debating over. I know that the morning shift will be a little more fast-paced and the pt's will be going to bed early in the evening shift which could be a little bit more relaxed--but this is just my theory. Which shift do you CNA's in LTC prefer?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    When I was an aide, I preferred nights. Mornings are extremely busy because you will be getting a bunch of residents up, bathing them, dressing them, and taking them to breakfast. You might also have to pass out breakfast and lunch trays, answer multiple call lights, and deal with irate managers. The 7-3 is busy, but it will leave time for you to do other things once your workday is completed. The 3-11 is more relaxed, but your entire day is toast. It all depends. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  4. by   casi
    I'm a noc shifter! Otherwise I'd go with PM shift. Less interaction with upper managment so a bit more laid back.

    Also look at what kind of person you are. I've always been a night owl so nights/pms work for me. I normally going to bed about the time I'd need to get up for a dayshift so that's just not a shift I could work.
  5. by   indierock
    I am still new to this but i have worked both in the past two weeks. Both shifts have their ups and downs. 7-3 is faster paced but times goes quicker. 3-11 gave me time to actually sit down with some residents and talk with them. for this i prefer 3-11
  6. by   TiggerBelly
    I have worked both and prefer the morning shift. I like it that I can go home and my entire day is not lost.Also it is more fast paced and thats how I like things. On the night shift, once you get all the residents to bed there sometimes isn't a whole lot to do and personally I get bored. JMO
  7. by   AuntieRN
    When I was a CNA in LTC I loved 3-11...still could go out after work and sleep in the am...I am a night owl anyways...
  8. by   kmarie724
    I work both day shift (6am-2:30pm) and evening shift (2:30pm-11pm) and I have to say I prefer the evening shift. On day shift, I have a really hard time getting everyone up and ready for breakfast by 8:15. On the evening shift, it's not quite so stressful when you're running behind. Plus, I am not a morning person. Even if I get to bed early, I have a hard time getting up at 4:30am.
  9. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I work 3-11, have worked 7-3. The part about 7-3 that sucks is in my place, EVERYONE gets up and dressed for breakfast by 8am. Granted, night shift gets up a few people too, but that is the most time consuming part of the day. After that, activities pretty much has stuff for the to do for the rest of the day. So day shift, besides meals and toileting, doesnt have THAT much to do. On 3-11, between 3-5 we toilet, dinner is from 5-6, and starting immediately after that, people start going to bed, and some have times that they HAVE to be put to bed or they flip out. And then we have one resident you just CANT get away from. So if youre lucky, youre done by about 930, sometimes later, then at 10 we have rounds, fill out the books, 11-7 gets there at 1030, do rounds with them, and then for about 20 minutes, sit around and relax, answering any misc call bells. So 3-11 is def the busiest shift at my place to work(I have also worked 11-7)
  10. by   meintheUSA
    [B][/I enjoy working 11-7. There is more time to spend with the awake residents, the pace is slower, no extra management, more relaxed. more paperwork and you can ALWAYS find something to do if you are bored.
    I am glad we all get a choice. My choice was 7-3 when I was younger. More time with family and you were in sinx with the real world.