What Irks You?

  1. This thing that irritates me the most is when residents don't use there call lights and holler at me, "Help", "Hey", "Hello". I wouldn't be upset if these residents didn't know how to use the call light, but they do. I kindly remind them that if I'm in someone else's room I won't be able to hear them and that they should use there call light, because I get a page when it goes off with the room number.

    What are some of your irritations?
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  3. by   MichaelCNA
    -Getting yelled at by Residents because they haven't received their medications.
    -Doing bed alarm checks at the beginning of my shift and turning most of them ON.
    -Massive fall-risks who attempt to self-transfer 3x in one evening or more!
  4. by   mochabean
    True story. A patient asked me, "Can you please get me a pair of socks?" and I said "Sure!". I got the socks and came back and then the patient says,"I'm sorry. I actually wanted 2 pairs of socks. Can you get me another please?" That really ticked me off. That patient had to wait an hour to get that 2nd pair of socks. At the end of my 12 hour shift, the socks were stil sitting on his table.

    If a patient needs something, I prefer they tell me all that they need because I'm not making mutiple trips.
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    How about those residents who can't stand it when you pay attention to their roommate? You go in there to provide care to the other person and they're nagging you from the other side of the curtain, "Fuzzywuzzy!? Fuzzywuzzy! I'm done too! I'm ready too! I have to go to the bathroom!" It's especially annoying when they hit the call bell while they do this. Then you hear a bell going off somewhere and get more stressed out, and when you look up- it's theirs. It's like I'm IN HERE! I heard you! You haven't shut up since I walked in! I told you I would be with you in a minute! Gawd!
  6. by   dedream
    THE PRINCESSES ANNOY ME!! OMG I mean what part of this room screams four seasons??!! you are here for MEDICAL CARE, this is not your own personal spa and staff is not here for your every whim. I mean lining the parker bath with pillowcases ..and picking out the carrot strips from your salad when u are quite capable of doing it yourself.....NOT ESSENTIAL! I mean there are really sick people in here who require more attention than you do.....arrrgh!
  7. by   NM nurse to be
    Then there are those who yank their tab alarm, instead of pushing the bell. Especially if they know the difference. They know an alarm is going to get faster response than their bell and do that anyway. I really hate it when they have removed the tab from wherever I tried to hide it on their person and are waving the whole thing at me when I enter the room. Yeah, I really love that.
  8. by   redhead04073
    Ahhh yes, gotta love the "Hey lady!!" coming from a 60 something year old woman, who is in there for rehab, totally has her mind. Grrrrr.....

    Ummmm, 1st shift not relining the trash cans in the rooms drives me INSANE!! How long does it take to put in a trash bag, really?

    Being expected to work miracles in the place...................with no supplies.

    Co-workers who ask for help with a hoyer, to get in to bed for the night, but don't have them all washed up, top undressed and ready to go. That takes up 10 minutes of my time!!!

    I'm sure I'll be back with more.....
  9. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I hate how absolutely everyone on the dementia wing manages to 1) wiggle down to the foot of the bed, no matter who high you put the feet 2) kick their heel floats onto the floor 3) shove everything on their bed between their legs and pee all over it. So when you do rounds you need to bring washcloths, a new pad, a new gown, a new pillowcase, and a new top sheet with you for every single person, as well as another CNA to help you get them back up in the bed. And then half of them beat the crap out of you. One the wing with more alert people, rounds can be just as annoying because you go to everyone's room and check to make sure they're dry, offer the bedpan or urinal, and they're all dry and they all tell you to get lost. Then 10 minutes after you mark everything down they start ringing to go to the bathroom or tell you they're wet. Of course this is right after you just got them perfectly repositioned.
  10. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Oh and I also hate bed alarms that keep going off ALL NIGHT and every time you go to investigate the person on it is snoring away and hasn't so much as farted, but you're shutting it off every 2 minutes. I especially hate the alarms that do this at the end of the hall. And you get 3/4 of the way there and it stops by itself. Then once you get back to where you started, there it goes again! Lather, rinse, repeat.
  11. by   chellelynn25
    A resident beathing the crap out of me with her remote control and telling me to get the **** out of her house.

    CNAs who don't empty Foleys @ the end of their shift!

    CNAs who leave a plie of dirty lined shoved in the corner of the room. Can you say violation!

    Residents who ask who their nurse and their aid is 3 million times and it's only 20 minutes since shift change.

    Being the aide on the floor during dinner! with call lights, alarms and a 100 other things going on.

    Not getting a break till 9:30 @ night b/c the other cnas are nowhere to be found.

    Having a nurse tell you I gave you that assisgment b/c I know you will do it. Just b/c I do my work doesn't mean that I should have the hall where everyone is total care and a transfere assist x2 for 4 days straight!

    When it's my turn for shower team, If you only knew how many pairs of shoes I've ruined.

  12. by   MotivatedOne
    Nurses who do nothing but pass meds and check IV's.

    A nurse who sees that I'm busy with another patient standing around waiting for me to come out of that pt's room only to ask me to get a set of vitals on the pt who's room is directly across the hall from where she was congregating. Then that said nurse walked in the room behind me to look at me while I got the pt's vitals...that irks me! Useless Nurses!
  13. by   texastaz
    Obese patients that cannot role over by themselves -who are continousley eatting snacks brought in to them by their family - then in good humor say how sorry they are for making such a mess (lg BM)while it takes min 3 CNAs to clean them up. After cleaned then they go right back to snacking.
  14. by   rachelgeorgina
    - For it being standard that one particular resident with dementia who is a falls risk (though can walk, especially well with a frame, is on permanent resistant belt in a chair in the lounge room throughout the day, every day and only gets taken for walks when the RO gets around to it. He gets so bored and frustrated that he tries to lump his chair around the room by wiggling his bottom and you get a fright when you hear 'crash, crash, crash' from a giant chair with a resident in it flapping across the room.