what do you say on a interview?

  1. hello everyone!!! I am trying for some jobs and was wondering what do I say at an interview?Are there things you should say or not say?Are you serious and not joke? Maybe if you tell about some of your interviews I can use your tips on what to talk about.. Please help!!!!!
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  3. by   majorwrigley
    I have been on 5 interviews in the past 2 weeks. It hasn't been as bad as I've imagined. There have been some senarios question, questions about what you like most/least about your job (you could plan those answers), some people were easy going and others were straight to the point. Overall it hasn't been too bad. I don't know if you can prepare. Just be on time, take a copy of your cover letter, resume, and references (even if you think they may have it, because it may not have been passed on by HR) and stay hydrated. That sounds stupid, but you'll talk a lot and you don't want to get cotton mouth, it's not very becoming. GOOD LUCK
  4. by   WannaBeNrse

    I HATE job interviews with a passion!!!
    Just had three of them in the last 10 days. Not as CNA,though, because i won't be one until march ;-)

    Well, i learn as I go- after a while, the questions repeat themselves and aren't as shocking anymore. I hate the "What's your greatest wekness/greatest strenght" question, or "What do you have to offer to our clients" and even more than that I hate the scenario questions ("describe a situation when you used good judgement without guidance from your supervisor"). anyway.... i try not to joke, because i do tend to be slightly sarcastic in "everyday life" and had to learn that not everybody understands and appreciates that kind of humor. so i try to stay serious and just answer the questions.
    One place called me back today and told me they weren't hiring me, and that interview really went lousy (nursing home). another one called me back today and asked me to come in tomorrow for a tour of the house (DD group home), so that sounds promising. and the job i was hoping for hasnt called back yet, but that interview was only two days ago.... anyway i guess that was no real advise, just my own dreadful interview experiences ;-) Good luck to you!
  5. by   jazz404
    I'm a career changer looking to start a career in nursing. I am currently taking pre-req's and am on the wait list for my local cc RN program. It could be a year or longer before I get into the RN program and I'm considering applying for CNA (STNA here in Ohio) jobs for experience and to possibly work PT through the RN program. Does anyone have any interview advice for a person with no prior health care experience? What do LTC facilities look for when considering CNA applicants?
  6. by   RN 4 U
    To be honest, I didn't have one ounce of experience coming out of RN school i too am a second career changer. My expectations of my first nursing job interview were that i too would be asked a lot of question, scenarios, clinical experience, etc. Well let me tell you none of that happened. When I went for my job interview 7 mo. ago it was so informal. I didn't get any pt care scenario questions like i was expecting. To be truly honest it was like talking to an old friend. I was myself and I just felt comfortable with the person that interviewed me. After i left the interview I was shocked it hadn't been anything that i had expected. Well I am on the job now, and I feel that maybe they were so excited and desperate for RN's that almost everyone who interviews will get the job if they liked what they saw. Just be yourself, show your personality, humor, etc. I don't think you will have a problem @ the interview.
  7. by   puresass
    whenever i've gone to an interview for a job in a field in which i don't have any past experience i always try to emphasize how my OTHER past jobs would help me in this job (retail experience? shows that you know customer service & how to relate to a lot of different types of people. office experience? could show that you're a hard worker who knows how to work under a deadline. homemaker? you're probably an organized team player who knows how to take charge & get things done... etc.). put a positive spin on EVERYTHING, especially your "weakness" (because they almost always ask you that question).

    & part of the purpose of every interview is to see how well you'd get along with everyone else that already works there. be friendly, confident & professional. & SMILE.

    good luck!!
  8. by   daisygal
    Thank you all for the tips!!!! I know no matter what I am going to be scared.But maybe if I try to think of things before hand(like what is your weakness)things like that.Also try not to show your to scared and just be me(with a smile).I think I'll be ok....Thank you all again!!!!
  9. by   casi
    The interviews I've done have been a lot of "Tell me of a time when you've had to work as a team..." and simular questions. Honestly I hate those kind of question. *grumbles*

    For the most part I just try to be relaxed and be me. I try to let good qualities of my personality shine through.
  10. by   shannonFNP
    Hey There! I'm glad I came across this question

    First off, I just received a job offer at Hillcrest Baptist ! But It wasn't easy.

    To even get a response from the hospital (and after about 10 applications) I decided to write human resources a letter and ask them how to make my application more appealing (and lots of other nice things about them and why I'd like a job with them). I got a call the very day they received it. She said she'd forward my application !!! A week later, they called me in for interview. They said they had a LOT of applicants and it would be at least a week before they'd have an answer. They said my application would be forwarded back to HR to have a decision (even though I wasnt interviewed by HR?). Well, the VERY NEXT DAY I was offered the job. I'm surprised because I dont have work experience and there were many, many applicants.

    Anyway, right after my interview I emailed the lady who was interviewing me and told her that I was thankful to have the opportunity to talk with her. I think that that had a lot to do with it, as well.

    Some questions I was asked are:
    Why should we hire you?
    What was your favorite manager like?
    Are you CPR certified?
    Have you had any conflicts at work, and how were they resolved?

    Hope this helps
  11. by   JLam5078
    The nurses I know either have 1) either a genuine love for people or 2) sympathy for the infirm, and some have both. When other peoples needs become the topic of your interview discussion, rather than yourself, the interviewer knows more about the person they're talking to. Hope this helps