My patient fell!! now in hospital...need advice

  1. Hey all,

    I am a nursing student and also a CNA. This week one of my patients had a fall. We were in her room and I had the bed in the lowest position (per order). And had the shower chair lined up with her bed. I sat her up and moved her legs towards the edge of the bed. It was then that she started to slip. (she is total care). I learned best in nursing school that when someone is falling that it is best to "ease them to the floor" instead of trying to catch them. This is what I did. The end result was my patient laying on the floor. I immediately went to get my two nurses on duty to aid me. They then put a pad underneath her and brought her up to the bed. Right after this she started to complain of intense pain. It was my belief and the nurses that her shoulder had been dislocated. The nurses called and got someone down to take an x-ray asap. They shortly transferred her to the hospital. This patient is a one person transfer. Any advice about what could have been done better or what will become of myself is welcomed! We did an incident report and now I am just waiting. This woman is such a sweetheart and one of my favorite patients. It makes me sick that she is probably alone and scared in the hospital. I always sit in her room when she "alone and scared" at the nursing home to just hold her hand. And I wish I could be there tonight. Any thoughts are welcome.

    Much love.
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  3. by   NurseKitten
    If she was "eased" the floor, she did NOT fall. She was KEPT from falling.

    The transfer back up onto the bed may have been what hurt her, for that matter.

    Look, sometimes these things happen, despite your best intentions. You did the best thing under a bad set of circumstances.
  4. by   bluebird123
    I dont think it was them lifting her the pad underneath though. Not sure if that could cause a dis located shoulder. I just would hate that this was something I caused. I love this little lady so much!!
  5. by   mncna08
    It could of been anything, fragile bones break very easily. Maybe when someone tried to lift her by the arm first ,it could of happened then too. Not to mention when you see someone start to fall, you grab whatever you can by instinct. I know you are stressing, but these things happen and im sure they realize this too. Its not like their going to fire you. Things happen. just learn from it, because it can happen to anyone, no one is perfect. And im sure she will be just fine. Just be glad it wasnt her hip...very glad.She will make her way back home and heal from there.
  6. by   nurse12b
    You did the right thing to ease her to the ground. But one little bit of advice I can give you for the next time some one falls and they will. While they are on the flour TAKE A FULL ASSESMENT HEAD TO TOE VS as well before you ever move them.So whatever is hurting them you will know before you pick them up. But things do happen, pts have fallen with me also and I do know it breaks your heart and you go over in your mind what could I have done differant.
  7. by   tishirajan
    You won't be able to prevent these things from happening. You did the right thing by easing her to the floor. Nurse12b was correct in stating that making a full assessment before transferring to the bed is a good idea to know what is hurting. I had a lady in an assisted living facility who insisted that she could go to the bathroom on her own at night, even though she was off balance because of the lortab she was taking before bed. I'm charting my notes and hear someone hollering my name and it was her. She had gone to the BR by herself and in the process of wiping herself off she got off balance and fell head first into the wall of the shower breaking her neck and busting her head open. I was stunned!!! I fretted over that for weeks, even though there was nothing I could do about it, it still broke my heart because I adored her.

    Things are going to happen whether you are with them or they are alone. You can't help it. It's all part of the job unfortunately. You are a sweetheart to have such compassion. Just don't let it get to you. It can make you crazy if you go over the "what ifs" a zillion times. You did the right thing. Just take what you can from this experience and move on.

    I hope your little lady get's well soon. Bless you both:icon_hug:
  8. by   greeniebean
    This does happen. You did your best with the situation at hand and that's all you can do. You'll probably never know exactly how she sustained her injury but seeing as you followed protocal -easing to the floor- you shouldn't blame yourself. Unfortunatly we can't prevent every injury. But think of it this way- had you not eased her to the floor, she could have broken a hip, which increases mortality rates in the elderly. Your actions could have potentially saved this woman from further injury. You are a compassionate and caring CNA, and I applaud you for that!

    Good Luck to you and your resident.
  9. by   Serendipity, PCT
    I was involved in a similar situation. However, I was told that the incident needs to be reported to the Department of Health. Is it possible that a CNA can lose his/her license as a result of a situation like this one?