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LTC- as CNA, L&D, Current- Oncology
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bluebird123 specializes in LTC- as CNA, L&D, Current- Oncology.

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  1. bluebird123

    I LOVE nursing, and I LOVE allnurses

    from one new nurse to another...ditto to your entire post :)
  2. bluebird123

    Praying for favor:Job and Boards

    best of luck!! I just love that little dancing angel
  3. bluebird123

    Gifts for OB/L&D

    This is SO sweet of you!! And I honestly do NOT think you need to go crazy buying little gifts for all three shifts! that seems overboard and frankly I think its rude for other shifts to expect something from a patient they may have not even seen onc...
  4. bluebird123

    First day of Nursing school..What should I expect?

    Hey shining star :) I'll send you a private message.
  5. bluebird123

    First day of Nursing school..What should I expect?

    WOAH! Just a LITTLE intense for a post about "advice for starting nursing school" lol Great info here no doubt....but good lord I wouldn't be surprised if you scared the OP half to death with this.
  6. bluebird123

    I have a serious question

    I suggest we close this thread.
  7. bluebird123

    I need to switch preceptors

    Good for you Katy! I know the "gut feeling" when something just isn't right. Glad you wrote back to us to let us know how the meeting went. Best of luck in your new position. Rock it out with your new preceptor :)
  8. bluebird123

    I need to switch preceptors

    Hey there, Ok I am new graduate nurse (just passed my boards...yippie!) I felt compelled to respond to this post. In my last semester of nursing school, during our "role transition" or senior preceptorship as some places call it, I dealt with a p...
  9. happy to see people are actually giving "real world" advice here at the end of this thread! I was starting to think everyone here was heavily medicated on "happy meds" haha. But for real, I'm a second degree student going for my BSN in nursing. I wor...
  10. bluebird123

    Having a hard time deciding what on to do with my life

    "When someone is really determined to be with someone, they put up with anything to be with them. Nothing else matters - the other person can abuse drugs/alcohol, run up joint credit cards, cheat on them with their friends/family, beat them, be from ...
  11. bluebird123

    A question about being a black male CNA

    I think is bound to happen bc alot of these people are very old and thus have their "old ways" of thinking regarding race. Just have to deal with it and move on, or ask a co-worker for help. Thats what I did. I'm a white woman and there was this swee...
  12. bluebird123

    Question regarding medical jargon

    This was helpful for me too! thanks Sir I :)
  13. bluebird123

    More doubts... but practicing my affirmations!

    "The other day, I even heard one lady saying she didn't even want to be a nurse. She is just doing it so she can have a good job while she pursues something else." **This person most likely will not make it through nursing school. YOU will. Don't ...
  14. bluebird123

    CNA Salary?

    it sucks.
  15. bluebird123

    the rosary helps

    I'm Catholic too. I always pray to St. Anthony til this day whenever I lose anything I've made a deal with him that when I get to heaven I'll help him find everyone elses crap if he just helps me find mine! hehe
  16. bluebird123

    UAP walking all over me...

    Hey there! First of all congrats on being a nurse so young. That is an amazing accomplishment and you should be SO proud. I am currently a BSN student who didnt pass pharm last fall. I had to take the last few semesters off and got my CNA. I started ...