My brothers stole my thunder!!

  1. Well I passed my CNA today which I am very very HAPPY!!!!! But my brothers are jerks AND stole my thunder. My little brother found out today that he is not graduating high school. He likes to skip school and he is slacking and only has 15 days left of school. Principal says he'll work with bro but bro is giving up. I have been tutoring him for 2 months. He is a smart kid just hates school. (By the way....we aren't like white trash or anything. Every one in the family goes to college. So this is a BIG deal.) Then my older bro is in the NAVY, married and is stationed in Hawaii. What a terrible life!! Long story short, he has been on ship since February, not to come home till December. Finds out wife is not wearing wedding band and is sleeping around on him (AGAIN!!); has had boyfriend for 2 weeks. He took emergency leave for 3 weeks to go back to Hawaii and get a divorce. Catches her in act. He finally gets fed up with it. Guess what he does??? He FREAKING sleeps with her last night. But he is still getting a divorce!?!? Now the whole family is all worried that they'll get back together and what are they doing?!?! So both bros are both IDIOTS!!!!!!
    So what does the middle child sister get?!?! A storm without thunder!!! I can't stop crying. I am so upset!!! I work so hard but why does the screwed up siblings get all the attention. I know I sound selfish but I really do help both bros significantly!! They love me!!! Ok....well the boyfriend is here and he is buying me a margarita!!!! I feel better that I have it out in the open!! See you in margaritaville!!!
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  3. by   Cymy
    I'm sorry your GOOD news got overshadowed by the follies of your brothers.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    The ones that screw up usually gain more attention because people assume that those on the right track can take care of themselves. That is unfortunate, but don't let it get to you. We have to treat and congratulate ourselves at times for our victories. If anything, have pity that these guys haven't been able to obtain self peace, yet.
  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    Turn this experience into something positive. I understand how distressing it is that you have worked hard to accomplish a goal and have received little recognition in light of your brothers' problems. Instead of becoming angry with them, focus your energy on more positive ways to deal with the situation. You can certainly continue to be a mentor to your younger brother who is struggling in high school. Share some of your own experiences with him about how hard you worked to obtain your CNA and how great it felt when you completed your program, as well as how it will benefit you in the long run. As for your older brother...keep in mind that finding out you have an unfaithful spouse and facing divorce can be a devastating experience. He has been betrayed by one woman who was very close to him. Be a strong support system for him and an example that there are good and caring women in the world. Most importantly, remember that these brothers did not purposely set out to sabbotage your special day. Enjoy your time with your boyfriend and celebrate your own success. Just because others are not as in-tune to your achievement does not negate the fact that it is, in fact, an worthy of a celebration. They can only steal your thunder if you let them.
  6. by   S.N. Visit
    Just wanted to send my congrats to you!
  7. by   ooper3076
    Thanks everybody for the advice. I had an alright time last night.....that I can remember. Last night was the first time I have actually verbilized how my brothers affect me. It felt good to finally say something. But for my little bro, he is the most tough headed SOB that has ever lived. Love both of my bros very much. For my older bro, he is an idiot. He has 2 different stories and just needs to make up his mind. I know I really can't empathize with him but I do understand the divorce because my parents just went thru with it a few years ago and they were married for 19 years. So....I now know not to 'angry type' like that again but it felt SOOOOOOOO good.
  8. by   indierock
    i understand perfectly. The mistakes my siblings have made have always overshadowed my successes. I actually remember my mother saying that she was happy that she never had to worry about me. I can see where my siblings have gone wrong but there is nothing i can do to help them (and i have tried). I guess all i can say is that you have to go about your merry way and do things you want to do for your own reasons. it sucks that people won't always realize the milestones you have crossed but you will. do your best and try to be a good person. That is all you can do.
  9. by   Tweety
    I'm glad that you feel better getting it off your chest. That's what we're here for. We understand. We're proud of you. We're here for you! Congratulations!!!
  10. by   justme1972
    Oh Lord, sounds like my famiily. My brother married a bona-fide white-trash woman, and I can't even describe how disgusting she is...we figured it wouldn't last two months, but 21 years later and she is STILL here.