Lots of Lifting.........

  1. This may sound silly but would you recommend a Male CNA who is a smaller fellow? Whenever I speak of becoming a CNA people always tell me about the lifting and hardwork. I'm a male who is 5'7 130 lbs when dry,lol. I have always been a lil guy and just concern if I would have problems with staff and pts? By all means I dont have problems with any of the body waste cleaning( urine/feces) blood or any other extremities. I just don't want to be put in a position where I'm inadequate for the job description or because of my stature. Thanks everyone for your advice and opinions.
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  3. by   jb2u
    5'7" 130lbs. is just fine. I know CNA's that are shorter and weigh less. If you need lifting help there is always another hand available or maybe even a machine such as a hoyer lift. My problem is that I do a lot of lifting that I SHOULD NOT do!!!
  4. by   bethin
    I worked with a CNA that weighed 100 lbs soaking wet and lifted just as well as anyone. You won't believe my upper body strength now after doing this for 5 years!

    I think you will do fine. I don't consider weight a factor when it comes to lifting patients. It's what you put behind you that matters.
  5. by   casi
    I also work with some CNAs that are much smaller. It just might take some time to build up the muscles.
  6. by   kmarie724
    I'm 5'1 and 110 lbs and I do just fine!
  7. by   MALE*RN*777
    I've worked with 60yr old CNA women. The secret is you get help. If you work in a good environment, you help, they help, we are all there for each other. Now I'm 6 foot 2 and 215lbs and do alot of lifting myself but know my limits. I've worked as a CNA with a small female and we went room to room pulling up pts. together. There are different techniques that are helpful for those with different strengths and weaknesses.
  8. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Thanks everyone for the input. I just didn't know for sure on the situation. I think I'll be fine. My dad always says I'm alot stronger than I think,lol. So maybe I will be Mr. SuperMan! I'm excited for a new career path in life. I hope to be certified by March and have my 1st job by April. I just hope all goes as plan.

  9. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Was it hard and is it hard to find a job in this field? I live in Memphis,TN which is a big populated city. Was it hard to find the 1st job since you had no experience?
  10. by   porcelina22
    I'm 4'11 and 105 lbs. Granted I'm a girl and a soon-to-be nurse, but I can manage pretty much anything the CNA's do. I can't see any reason you wouldn't be able to.\

  11. by   nurse4theplanet
    If I can do it, you can do it!

    5'5'' and 115lbs (if that)

    And men typically can put their upper body strength to use better than women...it's just the way they are built (less percentage of body fat, etc.)

    With larger (bariatric) pts or pts that can not assist at all (kinda like moving dead weight), you can get a team member...or several if need be... to help you or some units have mechanical lifts, etc.
  12. by   morte
    body mechanics, body mechanics.....AND dont let anyone tell you to do more than you are able....just because you are a guy.....!!!!!
  13. by   RN34TX
    Quote from morte
    body mechanics, body mechanics.....AND dont let anyone tell you to do more than you are able....just because you are a guy.....!!!!!
    That's the best advice of all for a new male entering the field.
    There are some out there who think that just because you are the "man" on the floor that there are no limits to what you can do.

    That includes the males themselves who now have injured backs and can't do this type of work anymore because they were way too full of pride at age 25 or 35 trying to be He-Man for the ladies.

    My partner is a CNA/PCT and occasionally still gets sent into rooms (alone) of non-weight bearing 300# plus patients expecting to get lifted off the commode/into bed/out of bed.
    He steps out of the room to get help and some of his co-workers are giving him the "What's the problem?" look because he is the "man" of the floor.

    Now he is a solid guy with a lot of upper body strength but come on, let's be realistic.

    I long warned him that he would most likely encounter that mentality in nursing at some point (because I sure did at several jobs) but he handles it well and safely.
  14. by   chadash
    You'll be fine! I am five inches shorter, and can move a bunch if the angle and approach is correct. Being a guy, you should do better, since you can develope your upper body. You don't sound so little to me!