1. Hey Everyone I have been on the internet and been calling since I passed the state test trying to get a interview somewhere. Its at a really nice Nursing Home So wish me luck!!
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  3. by   wannabcna
    GOOD LUCK let us know how it goes!!
  4. by   crystal25
    Ok I think it went well!! I answered all the question with no problem. I wasn't that happy about the pay but I have to start somewhere. Right?
  5. by   justme01
    I am glad the interview went well. Keep us posted.
  6. by   tishirajan
    That's great! The pay will get better over time. The more experience you have the more you can make. Although that just depends on where you're working. Anyhoo, And do keep us posted on how it all goes!
  7. by   azcna
    You can always keep applying if you want to find better pay. It's nice to have a job though in the mean time!
  8. by   wannabcna
    CONGRATS!! Thats awesome!
  9. by   crystal25
    Thanks everybody, I hope I get it but like Tishirajan and azcna said the pay will get better but what I dont understand is my friend is a HHA in she doesn't have a license but is working under her mother in law in ( she isn't married) long story lol but anyway she is making 17.00 in i have my license looking crazy!!! but wait she is only working 2 days a week. So why I'm i getting pennys in I have the license?
  10. by   tishirajan
    Could be because she's working for her MIL. I really don't know. The pay will get better though. They sometimes compensate for mileage, that may be why she's making that much. When I worked in HH they gave me an allowance for gas.
  11. by   CNAmonica65
    17.00/hr??? what state??
  12. by   crystal25
    I guess so, Michigan

    I have called 10 places in 2 HH places and other nursing homes assisting still nothing. Are any of you in LPN or Students or Grads?
  13. by   nkara
    Seriously! what state?

    But she might be working on per diem pay and you'll be getting full time with bene's? If that's the case you always get lower pay. But look at it this way.. you'll get experience and even if you only stay for a year you'll be ahead of the game. Good luck!
  14. by   crystal25
    Nkara my state is Michigan.

    Thats what I was thinking too but she so far i haven't heared FULL-TIME !! but i am taking whateva can get me in the door.

    I hate to hate on my friend but that is alot of money. Plus i called the place she she went and they are not hiring. In remember she doesn't even have a CNA!!!