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  1. My instructor told us that CNAs starting out make about $13-15/hr. I thought that was a pretty high wage given our area.
    Any other CNAs wish to share their income and how much experience they have?
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  3. by   green34
    I started out at 12.50 as a patient care tech which is what our hospital lumps everyone under. Same system and my friend started out around 11.40. One friend who is not in nursing school was offered 8.50 starting out but after a year or two, it would go up to around 10.

    Our cost of living is cheap. The median household in my small city earns 45,000. The larger city nearby is probably worse.
  4. by   mvm2
    I am making $10hr... Being in Home Care my pay is less then someone working in a nursing home, but I am taking care of only one person for that $10 an hour. while in a nursing home they are taking care of around 12 to 15 perhaps even more people in that hour. Besides it might take me longer to get up to their pay but eventually I can Make $12 to $13 dollars an hour, it will just take me a few years.
  5. by   juliepag
    Hi, I make 10.75 at a nursing home in NH. Pretty bad huh?
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  6. by   AM326
    When i worked for an ltc facility a year ago...i made 8.00. I work for a hospital now and make 13.
  7. by   malamud69
    CT-CNA in LTC $min wage to $16 +/- depending on facility and shift, PCT- hospital setting $12-$20 depending on location and shift. Good luck!
  8. by   Mewsin
    I make $20.57/hr not counting shift diff and weekend premium, love those weekend nights when I'm making around $25/hr. I've been there for a year and a half. (I'm in SK, Canada)
  9. by   kaydensmom01
    In my location that aides make around 8.50-9.00/hr. I always made about 35cents more an hour than minimum wage.
  10. by   aisha b
    4years a go I was getting payed $8.50, and I thought that was cool. :-) But that was then, now I get $14.30 . There are places that pays $ 17- 21 on a weekend programs or 12 hour shift . I work in a nursing home sitting.
  11. by   sm0205
    I think it all depends where you work, city, suburb, big hospital, small hospital. I made about 12.50 at my first cna job at a big hospital as a nursing student. I just graduated and still working as a cna at another big hospital making 15.00. I know some of my friends made more or less depending if they worked at big or small hospitals.

    Oh yeah and that is without shift differentials. I am located in Boston.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    I am located in a large city in Texas. The CNAs at my place of employment earn a starting pay rate of $11 hourly for full-time status and $15 per hour for PRN employees.
  13. by   Streamline2010
    Quote from kaydensmom01
    In my location that aides make around 8.50-9.00/hr. I always made about 35cents more an hour than minimum wage.
    ^ That's what it was in NW Pennsylvania in 2001, the last year I looked, and actually it was more on the $8.50 side so US$9.00 might be where it is now. I have heard that CNAs in the Washington, PA hospital make $15/hour, but that's the highest that I have heard of in western PA.

    LPN starting pay was only $15/hour here. And it didn't go up much with experience, either.
  14. by   Skayda
    I work in Spokane, Wa at an Adult Family Home which is basically a regular house for elderly clients with 24 hour semi-skilled care and I make $9.50 an hour plus a flat rate wage of $25 a night everytime I have to sleep over. Though, I might be resigning soon as I've currently been offered a much better position at another house with a lighter client load and higher pay at $10.25 an hour with a raise to $11.00 an hour after 90 days and another raise to $11.50 after a year plus $35 flat rate for overnights and they just need someone to cook, clean and be around in case of emergencies. When I first started as an NAR I made $9.50 then got a raise to $10.00 then lost my job and got a new job which lowered me back down to $9.50. My pay as a NAR and a CNA are the same at my current job. I didn't get a raise in pay for becoming certified.