FREE Full CNA Video Course - page 8

You may just want to brush up on a few skills, or get ahead of your class. Here is a link to a complete CNA video course broken down by subject: Nursing Assistant - Video Lessons :studyowl: ... Read More

  1. by   CaduceusBrigade
    Quote from Girl Scout
    They're not for streaming, but you could download them onto your computer and watch them there.
    Oh! I feel silly then thanks a lot :spin:
  2. by   dcarter187
    I'm trying to locate the video and am having trouble could someone help? I need the full cna video.
  3. by   CandAmommy
    You have to click on page one of this thread and than you will see the link. Click on that and it will take you to the site with all the videos.
  4. by   futuremombabynurse
    Oh yay! I think I'm going to take the CNA exam at the end of this semester of LVN school, so this'll be great to study with!
  5. by   startingout13
    You rock! I start my CNA classes soon, and this will definately give me a headstart on it! I can now go into the class, knowing more than everyone else. Thank you!
  6. by   audry016
    I need some help

    It's just me or this link doesn't work...

    How can I do for watch this video, any help?

    thanks in advanced
  7. by   yulifer37
    Thanks for the Video
  8. by   MrsMeg
    This is great, I am currectly registered for a CNA class that doesn't start until January and I have been trying to do research online before the class starts but I haven't been able to find much. Thank you so much for posting this!
  9. by   LFalcon
    This is awesome! Thanks!! I am taking my Prometric CNA state test in the next 2 weeks.. this will help immensely.
  10. by   alexnick
    Thanks for this! I start my CNA/Caregiver training in January and it'll be great to have an edge.
  11. by   alexnick
    Looks like all the lessons on that site are down now and are only available to FVTC students through Blackboard
  12. by   Remified
    @alexnick: works for me now. Maybe it just reached a bandwidth limit?
  13. by   RandomRoads
    I couldn't get the videos to play, either.

    What you need to do is to make sure that Windows Media Player (Vers. 8 or higher) is set as your default media player. I had Real Player as my default, and the darn things wouldn't play. As soon as I made the switch, I was able to see the videos right away.

    For Windows XP, Go into Control Panel, choose "Add or Remove Programs", then choose "Set Program Access and Defaults" on the left side of the window. In the next window, make sure "Custom" is checked, and use the pull-down arrow to change your media player to Windows Media Player. If that's too confusing, just search the 'net for how to set your default media player.

    Hopefully this will help someone!