CNA exam- I think I need encouragement!

  1. Hello everyone!!! I think I need some encouragement! I took my CNA skills written and practical today. I believe that my written went well, and I thought my practical did too. My 3 skills were change of position, catheter care, and measuring urinary output from the drainage bag. For the most part, I think I did wonderful. When I came home, I read over the steps for the skills I had done. I realized that I forgot to apply gloves before applying the clean incontinent pad under the buttocks for the catheter care skill. I washed my hands and applied gloves directly after that step (before starting the actual catheter care process.) But I made sure I had gloves on when removing the incontinent pad after it had becames soiled. I'm not sure how big of a mistake I made... I need some encouragement because I have to wait at least 3-5 days until I find out my results... gah, I am going to drive myself crazy!!! Haha, thanks everyone!
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  3. by   Ytellu
    I forgot a couple of steps when I did my testing and I still passed. I really think you'll be ok.
  4. by   AzDeb
    I also forgot a couple steps with my skills testing and passed. As long as it wasn't a "bold" step which would be an automatic fail, you should be just fine. In our state you have to pass each skill with 80%, so there is a small margin of error for a few missed steps. Don't be worrying!!! (I had about 5 days until I got my results....I tortured myself as well....but really, don't worry.) Good luck!
  5. by   Missy77
    Don't stress yourself out about the test. I just let the instructor know I forgot to perform a step and I still passed. I'm sure you passed.
    Wow you guys have to wait to get your scores, they told us right after the test if we passed or not. Good Luck!
  6. by   virgo,student nurse
    I am sure you did fine. Relax. I think everyone misses a step or two, as long as you remembered patient safety and to tell the instructor I would be doing this and etc, I am sure you did well. Keep us posted.
  7. by   kristi22
    Thanks guys!! I didn't realize until after I went home though that I forgot to wear gloves!! I just hope I did okay, I just have to remember I tried my absolute best. The only thing that stinks is having to wait 4 to 5 days to find out my results, talk about stressful!!
  8. by   AzDeb
    I didn't realize I had missed steps until I got home either. Then I dwelled on it for 5 days until I got my results. I passed...and I'm sure you will too!! Don't worry! You'll be fine, I'm sure.
  9. by   rcfj2290
    When I took my test there was one step in particular that I remeber not doing and it was a major one at least I think it was. Anyway I still passed both my tests the first time. Just dont freak out you'll be fine.
  10. by   kristi22
    Hey guys!! Just wanted to update you all & let ya's know that I passed, I am relieved!!!! Haha.. although I do have another question if any of you would know the answer to it that would be great. First I will let you know that I am certified in New York state. I took my training course at a nursing home facility close by where I am currently employed. I took my test & everything at the facility as well. On my certificate I recieved, it says that my name is listed as active on the "nurse aide nursing home registry" & it says the term "nursing home" a lot on the certificate... I am just wondering if it is only worded like that or if the only place I will be certified to work at is at a nursing home?? Because in the near future, I was thinking of looking to be a CNA at the local hospital... hope someone has the answer for me, thanks!
  11. by   Ytellu
    Hello and congrats!!!!

    I am in NY also. In NY the certification is really only good for nursing homes and you will have to work a small amount of hours (I think its 16) in a nursing home to be recertified in two years. I work in a hospital now and my title is NA (nursing assistant) but they required me to have my certification as a requirement to get the job. Some hospitals call them PCT or patient care technicians. I think a lot of facilities that are not nursing homes like to require that you went through CNA classes so they know you learned the basics of care.

    Congrats again and good luck.
  12. by   kristi22
    So you mean I could work at the hospital without any further training??
  13. by   Ytellu
    For example in my area one hospital just requires CNA completion plus having a current CPR certification and another one requires a years experience to apply. It depends on the facility but several members of my CNA class were hired at the local hospital right after passing their state exam.