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  1. kristi22

    Gst boces lpn program

    Ok so I am currently a CNA and love what I do. I have always wanted to be a nurse.. that's what my heart has been set on ever since I was a little kid! I am applying at the Boces Coopers Campus in Painted Post, NY. I go for my pre-entrace test on April 18th and am a little nervous. I am only 20 years old, so I haven't been out of high school real long. I am just terribly nervous that I will do horrible...just one of those feelings I guess! I am also applying for financial aid because with the way the economy is I cannot afford to go to college out of my pocket! If accepted into Boces, I will be taking the part time LPN course which lasts 2 years and is 3 nights per week...this will be great considering I will still be working full time Monday through Friday day shift! I am just basically wondering if anyone has any words of encouragement or tips/advice/wisdom..anything that will help me??? Thank you! :)
  2. kristi22

    want to quit my CNA job, need advice

    I am also a new CNA and have been off of my orientation about 3 weeks or so. I am still trying to get in the 'swing' of things. I work 3rd shift, 11p to 730a. Some people claim night shift is easy, I think otherwise for sure! I have been on my unit doing 3rd shift for almost a month or so, and I think I have gotten out at 730 maybe 2 or 3 times. It's usually after 8 going on 830 until I get to clock out and go home!!!! The night goes pretty smooth, until about 6:00 when we start getting people up. Since there's only 2 aides at night, it's hard getting 1st shift to help you out once in a while!!! It's hard work, very stressful and I am sweating prefusiously by the end of the night!!! I also work in a long term care facility, and I just wanted to say I definitely see your point and am going through the same things myself!!!!
  3. kristi22

    Need medical advice please!

    Ok I am in need of some medical advice from a professional **note, I have not gone to the doctor yet because I do not have insurance from my employer yet until January** First I will start off with the fact that yes, I am overweight but I do not know if that would matter with what I am going through. A few months ago, maybe 3 or 4... I start getting an unexplainable pain on my right side, right underneath my breast bone, and kind of down towards my stomach on my right side as well. It started off with the pain usually coming and going at night before I fell asleep. When I would breathe in and out, the pain would worsen. It seemed that if I were to lay on my right side (where the pain is) it would not hurt as bad, kind of weird I think. Anyway... it has recently gotten worse you could say. The pain is more frequent, during the day/afternoon/& at night as well. I have become a CNA, and I noticed it got worse after I started bending/squatting/etc. It still hurts when I breathe in & out. Some other maybe 'unusual' symptoms I have are that I belch constantly, whether I just ate a big meal or if I'm not even full at all. I also find that I have lots of gas, and relieving my gas does not stop the pain. I have been having these pains on a regular basis and am pretty used to it. Sometimes when I bend over at work, and stand back up, it feels like a sharp knife pain... then that goes away and just goes back to the regular pain... I am so confused! People have told me that it may be my gallbladder or gastritis, and I am scared as to what could happen. My main question is if anyone knows what else it sounds like or if they have had anything like it please let me know!! If it is my gallbladder or gastritis, what could happen if I prolong going to the doctor?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!!!!
  4. kristi22

    CNA exam- I think I need encouragement!

    So you mean I could work at the hospital without any further training??
  5. kristi22

    CNA exam- I think I need encouragement!

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to update you all & let ya's know that I passed, I am relieved!!!! Haha.. although I do have another question if any of you would know the answer to it that would be great. First I will let you know that I am certified in New York state. I took my training course at a nursing home facility close by where I am currently employed. I took my test & everything at the facility as well. On my certificate I recieved, it says that my name is listed as active on the "nurse aide nursing home registry" & it says the term "nursing home" a lot on the certificate... I am just wondering if it is only worded like that or if the only place I will be certified to work at is at a nursing home?? Because in the near future, I was thinking of looking to be a CNA at the local hospital... hope someone has the answer for me, thanks!
  6. kristi22

    CNA exam- I think I need encouragement!

    Thanks guys!! I didn't realize until after I went home though that I forgot to wear gloves!! I just hope I did okay, I just have to remember I tried my absolute best. The only thing that stinks is having to wait 4 to 5 days to find out my results, talk about stressful!!
  7. Hello everyone!!! I think I need some encouragement! I took my CNA skills written and practical today. I believe that my written went well, and I thought my practical did too. My 3 skills were change of position, catheter care, and measuring urinary output from the drainage bag. For the most part, I think I did wonderful. When I came home, I read over the steps for the skills I had done. I realized that I forgot to apply gloves before applying the clean incontinent pad under the buttocks for the catheter care skill. I washed my hands and applied gloves directly after that step (before starting the actual catheter care process.) But I made sure I had gloves on when removing the incontinent pad after it had becames soiled. I'm not sure how big of a mistake I made... I need some encouragement because I have to wait at least 3-5 days until I find out my results... gah, I am going to drive myself crazy!!! Haha, thanks everyone!
  8. I have a question about the CNA exam... I am new with this site and didn't know how to start a new post so I am just writing it here! So far our class only learned how to do a few things, as it's only my 3rd day. The partial bed bath and denture/oral care (for example) had some very confusing steps. My question is if (during the state skills exam), if I were to mix up steps, but do all of them (just not in the order learned) but still follow all infection and safety control precautions... would I fail??? I am very nervous with the steps and need encouragement, please!!! Thanks to all!
  9. kristi22

    cna class questions/concerns

    If you look at nursing homes, sometimes they offer free CNA training, usually the course lasts about 4 weeks... good luck!
  10. kristi22

    CNA Training - I'm a little nervous

    thank you very much "gymnut" you really have boosted my confidence. many people have told me the same thing you just did... maybe i should listen!! haha, thanks so much you really boosted my confidence :) i am not worried about talking to the people at all, i find myself wonderful with people. people have just told me how hard it is being a cna and filling my head with all different things to worry about!!!
  11. kristi22

    CNA Training - I'm a little nervous

    Congrats that you got in, that's great!! I start a CNA training course on September 20th, it lasts for 4 weeks... I am very nervous. Like many others, this is also a big career change for me. I am going from being a hairstylist (which I absolutely love, the pay just isn't that great) to becoming a CNA. I am trying to remain hopeful that I can do all the work that comes along with being a successful CNA, but I am trying to stay positive!!! Good luck to all of you :)
  12. kristi22

    cna reciprocity question

    Hello!! I have a question about reciprocity with your CNA. I live in Pennsylvania, and have lived here my entire life. I live near the border of New York. I am interested in starting a CNA class that is held in New York and they would offer me a full time job at their facility, which is incredible. My question is... since then I would have my New York CNA and not my Pennsylvania... if something would ever happen that I would want to work in Pennsylvania as a certified nurses aide, what would I have to do to get my Pennsylvania CNA, would I have to retake tests or classes or anything!? Hope to hear back soon, thanks so much!!!