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Need medical advice please!

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Ok I am in need of some medical advice from a professional **note, I have not gone to the doctor yet because I do not have insurance from my employer yet until January**

First I will start off with the fact that yes, I am overweight but I do not know if that would matter with what I am going through. A few months ago, maybe 3 or 4... I start getting an unexplainable pain on my right side, right underneath my breast bone, and kind of down towards my stomach on my right side as well. It started off with the pain usually coming and going at night before I fell asleep. When I would breathe in and out, the pain would worsen. It seemed that if I were to lay on my right side (where the pain is) it would not hurt as bad, kind of weird I think. Anyway... it has recently gotten worse you could say. The pain is more frequent, during the day/afternoon/& at night as well. I have become a CNA, and I noticed it got worse after I started bending/squatting/etc. It still hurts when I breathe in & out. Some other maybe 'unusual' symptoms I have are that I belch constantly, whether I just ate a big meal or if I'm not even full at all. I also find that I have lots of gas, and relieving my gas does not stop the pain. I have been having these pains on a regular basis and am pretty used to it. Sometimes when I bend over at work, and stand back up, it feels like a sharp knife pain... then that goes away and just goes back to the regular pain... I am so confused!

People have told me that it may be my gallbladder or gastritis, and I am scared as to what could happen. My main question is if anyone knows what else it sounds like or if they have had anything like it please let me know!!

If it is my gallbladder or gastritis, what could happen if I prolong going to the doctor??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!!!!

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