Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC? - page 6

Hi there! I've recently refused to give care to a resident. His Dr. has said his behavior is not caused by any mental illness or brain disease, as he has visited with him multiple times due to his... Read More

  1. by   JinnSchlajfertig
    If there are psych people at your facility they can set up a behavior contract with him. He sounds like he desperately needs it.
    Also you may want to ask for feedback from trusted colleagues to see if they have any ideas about why he is targeting you. This is absolutely NOT YIUR FAULT. But there may be something you are doing that makes you an easier target than others. If so, then a small change on your part might make a big difference. It may be something you can't control, but if it is, that may be very helpful to know.
    I mention this because I have learned a lot on the way and rarely get targeted anymore. I see other nurses dealing with obnoxious behavior from various inmates/patients and this doesn't come up for me or other nurses who are experienced at working with difficult people.
    Good luck
  2. by   Nightnurselife
    Have you ever tried asking him why he treats you in such a way? The next time you have an interaction with him, just very politely ask him, "Why do you feel you need to act this way towards me? I want nothing more than to provide you with good care, but you make it difficult for me when you treat me this way. What can i do to make this situation better for both of us?" Maybe he will fire you if he really has disdain towards you. Then you don't have to worry about refusing to care for him because he refuses your care. But hopefully you guys can come to an understanding.
  3. by   CNA2016:)
    He actually has refused my care a couple times but after a few days my coworkers always encouraged me to go in and see if he let's me assist with care and he always did allow it after a few days. He hasn't refused me in a long time but I'm sure it's because he enjoys yelling at me too much
  4. by   Bobbipoo
    I have worked with behavior residents/mental illness/ dementia residents for four years now and you simply cannot take a personal comment or negative remark that has been made to you to heart...NOT AT ALL!!! And ya darn sure cannot let them see or know that it bothers you in anyway at all because guess what,????, every time that residents sees you now they know they can get under your skin and bygolly they will. You have to find it in your heart to smile back at them or as I tell some of my techs "you better pull that FU smile outta your butt and put it on before you go in there otherwise you will have a crappy day!!!" You don't have to comment back to the resident but if you feel you need to say something kind to will throw them off kilter and maybe shut them up or change their attitude. But if they don't change just make sure you always have someone else there to take your place, so you can step out for a breather, if the words get too bad.