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  1. Bobbipoo

    Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?

    I'm pretty sure that most Burn Units have the highest turnover/burnout rate in the nursing field. And as for me I am most positive that would be my choice for being the hardest nursing job field!!! Just for me though!
  2. Bobbipoo

    Which field of nursing is the most technically hard?

    Continuing Education requirements are completely state by state as to how many hours you must have to maintain your license. However a facility can require that you do them regardless of what state they may be in.
  3. Bobbipoo

    Inappropriate CNA behavior?

    WOW!!! Always think of it this way...would you want your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather to be spoken to that way or treated that way??? If the answer is NO, then it probably isn't right for any other resident. And truly should be reported to the abuse coordinator and investigated. I'm sure both of those girls have bowel movements that smell like roses...not! It hurts my heart to hear of residents being done this way! And so what if they are grouchy!! We would be too if someone took us out of our home and put us in some unfamiliar place with people that don't even care about us. Took all our freedom away for some little brats to be rude and unappreciative of our lives. Oh this makes me angry!!! If you feel it's not right in your heart and wouldn't want your family member being done that way then you can bet your bottom dollar it's probably not right!!!
  4. Bobbipoo

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    I have worked with behavior residents/mental illness/ dementia residents for four years now and you simply cannot take a personal comment or negative remark that has been made to you to heart...NOT AT ALL!!! And ya darn sure cannot let them see or know that it bothers you in anyway at all because guess what,????, every time that residents sees you now they know they can get under your skin and bygolly they will. You have to find it in your heart to smile back at them or as I tell some of my techs "you better pull that FU smile outta your butt and put it on before you go in there otherwise you will have a crappy day!!!" You don't have to comment back to the resident but if you feel you need to say something kind to them...it will throw them off kilter and maybe shut them up or change their attitude. But if they don't change just make sure you always have someone else there to take your place, so you can step out for a breather, if the words get too bad.