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What is your clinical rotation this semester and what do you like about it? Tell your stories if you have any good ones to share. Mine is Labor and delivery and I am so excited, I can't wait to see the first chirld birth.

Mine is Postpartum. Yay lady partsl discharge.

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last semester of school, 1st day of clinicals, hadn't placed a Foley the entire program.....big 350 lb dude, combative, VA patient....I assisted the instructor, put it in, and it was just like tappin a keg....started spraying as I tried to get it farther in....happened 2 years ago, and I've never had it happen again. heh...when I think about all the foleys I've placed.

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OR/Peds, first 4.5 weeks, Resp second 4.5 weeks, Psych last 4.5 weeks

The only thing interesting is that since i work Psych and my instructors know it, usually give me the psych patients on the floor.

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In Psych rotation for the 1st 8 wks of the program then on to med surg next 8 wks. I have had some pretty interesting patients in this rotation so far, I came into psych not really liking it from previous LPN experience but now i really like it alot. My instructor is awesome she has helped us so much to learn meds and she makes us feel very comfortable with difficult patients.

I hated OB! Good luck! I'm in nursing 3, so doing medsurg right now. I'm loving it so far! So much more of a variety of patients. I've only had 2 clinical days so far, so nothing too interesting.

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