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lpn to be rn 11

lpn to be rn 11

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  1. lpn to be rn 11

    Working as an LVN during LVN-RN bridge program

    I am an lpn and also in the 2nd year of an RN program at my local community college. Our schedule is very hectic we have two day a week class and two day a week clinical. I only have time to work a couple days a week and every other weekend. This program has been pretty challenging to me because the lpn coursework was so much easier than the RN coursework is. I would suggest not overloading yourself on work even though the classes are online it is still going to be challenging probably more so because it's online. Good luck to you!
  2. lpn to be rn 11

    Clinical Rotation and interesting stories

    In Psych rotation for the 1st 8 wks of the program then on to med surg next 8 wks. I have had some pretty interesting patients in this rotation so far, I came into psych not really liking it from previous LPN experience but now i really like it alot. My instructor is awesome she has helped us so much to learn meds and she makes us feel very comfortable with difficult patients.
  3. lpn to be rn 11

    Help! I failed my first test in Fundamentals

    You might be studying too much, I kno that sounds crazy but I used to have that problem in the LPN program and I went to a tutor who told me that 1-2 hours of studying per day is all your brain can absorb at one time. If you want to study more you need to take a break after an hour and get your mind to refocus on the material. There are so many study tools that you can use from note cards to rewriting notes. Some things that help me are buying a NCLEX prep book and doing questions that go along with your area of study for a certain test you are taking. Also I tape record lectures and listen to them in the car on the way to school or to clinical I listen and that helps alot. Good luck I hope this helps!
  4. lpn to be rn 11

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    My school's program uses ATI so i am not familiar with excelsior, i used ATI website that my instructor's gave us at the beginning of each class it has many good practice questions. The most helpful thing I did was purchase a Saunders NCLEX prep book and did lots of practice on questions that went along with the body systems we were studying.
  5. lpn to be rn 11

    Are there any good things about becoming an LPN?

    I am glad I became an LPN first rather than starting RN school first. I feel better prepared in clinical and in class because my school's LPN coursework was very close to RN coursework we just learn more in RN school and the teacher's expect way more from us "LPN'S". Also you can work as a LPN while in school if you choose to pursue your RN career and make way more money than a CNA! Good luck with the path you chose!
  6. lpn to be rn 11

    Took my NCLEX-PN for the first time today

    Took my test today at 8 am. Most of the questions were repeats just worded differently, few meds, lots of calc, and lots of psych, shut off at 85... tried the trick when I got home and it said "Open registration a new account cant be set up at this time"? Does that mean I passed or do I need to just wait the 48 hours?
  7. lpn to be rn 11

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi i am a recent LPN grad (July 2010) who has just finished my 2nd week in the RN program at my local community college. I take the NCLEX-PN on monday and am a little nervous.