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  1. Hello everyone! I'm in the process of applying to Peds CNS programs. I have a couple schools in mind however most are online and require students to find their own clinicals. Does anyone have any input on how difficult it is to find clinical sites? I live in NJ but can get to PA & NYC fairly easily. I've heard from a handful of people that the CNS role is on the rise in some of the larger institutions in NYC and Philly, so that may help?
    The only school that still has an on campus program is UPENN. While I do love their program it is very expensive and will be difficult for me to afford. But, of course, they actually arrange clinicals for their students. It's almost worth the high tuition just for that!
    Thanks ahead of time.

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  3. by   WestCoastSunRN
    Can you reach out to any CNSs in your institution?
    Another idea is to check out professional organizations like Aacn in your area or if there are pediatric nursing organizations. I think if you can find just one CNS he or she will be able to lead you in the right direction.
  4. by   NurseSam84
    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately there are no CNS in my facility. I'm e-mailing some of the other local larger systems. I definitely will e-mail the AACN and local organizations too. I'm crossing my fingers I find something! Don't want to start a program and be totally out of luck with clinicals! Thanks again for the tips.
  5. by   elkpark
    The state BONs and state nursing associations maintain records of people licensed in the various advanced practice specialties and are sometimes willing to put you in touch with people in a particular role (for an appropriate reason). I know that I have been contacted a few times in the past by people (nurses) who were trying to contact someone with my credentials in my (geographical) area, and, when I asked how they found out about me, it was through the BON or state nurses' association. You might try that. (Obviously, the state nurses' associations are only aware of people who are members of the association. The BON is aware of everyone in the state with a nursing license.)

    Best wishes!
  6. by   NurseSam84
    Thanks a ton for the advice! The NJ BON is definitely a bit difficult to deal with unfortunately, but I can try them if it becomes necessary! I like the thought of the association. I did contact the NACNS to see if they can provide any leads or assistance when it comes to it. I can see if NY or PA have a CNS organization as well. Thanks for that information and suggestion!
  7. by   Knotanoonurse
    Try contacting NACNS. I think they are in Philly. I think Lehigh Valley Health Sytem has some CNS's
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I'm a Peds CNS in IL and would wonder why you are pursuing CNS if there are none in your institution? Do you have an idea of the job you want to obtain?
  9. by   MurseJJ
    Hi I'm from the NYC area. Usage of CNSs in NYC really depends on the location. At my hospital (I work at NYP/Columbia), there aren't too many (maybe 4 or 5 max). Sloan Kettering employees a lot more (I've heard over 30). Really depends on the hospital. Also, in NJ a CNS has prescriptive privileges, while in NY they do not (if that matters to you). Also, in NYC, CUNY Hunter College has an on-site Adult CNS program, I've heard good things about it, and students from there regularly do clinical rotations at my hospital (the CNSs we have are in medicine (med/surg and the MICUs), cardiology, cardiothoracic stepdown and ICU, and oncology...definitely a lot of other specialties without a CNS, so there could be potential to create a role there).

    Hope that helps!
  10. by   NurseSam84
    Hey All,

    Sorry to respond so late. Holidays were fun, then did an intense stats class & now flu season is killing the ER.
    I believe Lehigh Valley does use CNS's, however they now use a different title so they don't have to stick with CNS's but can expand to others with a master's in that role. I did call them & I am going to try them again later on.
    trauma - I've never worked with a CNS however as soon as I read what a CNS does I fell in love. Some of what they do I'm already doing now. I love education, however I don't want to do only education. I do want to help educate staff and family and I want to maintain some bedside nursing as well. I love EBP & trying to promote that. I can be a bit of a pain with some of our docs because I stand up to them if I see them doing old outdated practices that I know are no longer beneficial (ie: over-oxygenate, O2 on all cardiacs, etc...). I've spoken to a couple CNS's and I like their roles. I do education on peds in the ED I'm in and I have brought some new equipment on the unit & educated on it as well. What I really want out of the CNS role is the combination of being advance practice but also being involved in educating staff and promoting health.
    Mursejj - thanks! One of the CNS's I spoke with is from NYC. She absolutely loves her role. She's a neonate CNS down at NYU. They're supposedly expanding with more CNS's. NJ does have prescriptive privileges, however that's not the end-all-be-all to me. It's a nice perk but I don't see not being able to prescribe stop me from going to a non-prescribing state (though it does stink). I with NJ used CNS more! However, I have seen some openings recently at some of the larger hospitals that have job descriptions that look like CNS jobs and I have seen a couple CNS positions open, but we will see how that goes.
    Hunter is a great school overall and I've always heard wonderful things about their nursing program. However, I want to go for peds CNS. Unfortunately that limits my schools to very very few and far between as well as my preceptors.
    Thanks again for all the responses. I am going to apply to 3 different programs and see how everything goes from there. Should i have too difficult of a time finding clinicals I can always try to switch to the NP program then go to a brick & mortar school for a post-masters CNS. Wish me luck!

  11. by   traumaRUs
    Best wishes