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:confused: cleveland or columbus?

i'm relocating after graduation and need your input please!

1. which city do you prefer and why?

2. if you prefer cleveland, where would you choose to work? cleveland clinic, uhhs, other?

3. if you prefer columbus, where would you choose to work? osu, ohio health, other?

:kiss thank you all very much!


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In Cle I prefer UHHS, CCF will work you to death.


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I work for UHHS. From what i hear UH pays alot less then CCF and they dont have the incentives like CCF does.

It seems like CCF has everything down pat, and UHHS will also be a close second. Let me know if you find out different.



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I can't help you with hospitals--still a student--but I *love* living in Columbus (though not for much longer, I'm from Texas and will be moving back soon). It's a little bit smaller, quite a few little artsy/fun areas, and quite a bit to do. There are also quite a few choices for places to work.



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Never worked in cleveland or columbus but have had pt type experience in both. Much preferred Clevelan CLinic awsome care and top rate hospital. Cleveland offers alot to see and do too. JMHO


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I would have to recommend OSU in Columbus because of the benefits that they have to offer. They also pay close to the top of the scale for that area, as well.


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I was just talking with a nurse an Akron hospital where I have my clinicals. She had nothing but good things to say about OSU medical center. She told me that some nurses there are making close to $100,000 a year (overtime, triple pay for holidays, etc.) I haven't heard very good things about CCF, I had clinicals there and did not like it at all. I have friends who will be working at UHHS and they really like it. From what I've heard, pay is not very competitve in Cleveland. Good luck, I might be workin' with ya someday at OSU!!!!!


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I believe they also have PERS retirement benefits and are union.

Specializes in Case Management, Life Care Planning.

I like Columbus. Nurses at OSU have collective bargaining through ONA and have retirement contributions into PERS. Lots to see and do in Central Ohio.


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I work for Mt Carmel in Columbus, Ohio - there are 3 hospitals in this system in Columbus. I started working at St. Ann's which is the smaller of the 3 hospitals and have now transfered to the largest of the three - Mt Carmel West. What I like is that no matter where you go within the system, it continues to have that small hospital feel. Everyone is very friendly and it seems you are always running into people you know. Starting pay for a new grad with no experience at Mt Carmel is now 21.46 and they do pay for tech/nurse aide experience as well. Double time on holidays, lots of opportunities for advancement within the system. Best wishes to you, there are so many opportunities out there!!

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