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I am a Registered Nurse certified by the ANCC in Mental Health and Psychiatric nursing

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  1. Issues with Psy Nursing

    I've been offended on this site, too. When that happens, I just log off for a while until I feel like I'm ready to come back. You have to realize that a lot of people can look at others and judge them, but it takes a bold person to judge themselves...
  2. Psychiatric RN Certification?

    You can check out the requirements at I'm actually due to be recertified this year so I need to be looking into it myself. Good Luck!!
  3. re: something to consider...

    Your story was so touching! As for the guy at work, if you lose his friendship at least you can be sure you made a difference in his life. You've had to endure so much pain in your life and to turn all that experience into a way to help others is, in...
  4. re: something to consider...

    Very well said. Thank you for your post. You are absolutely correct in all that you said. I don't think the problems and issues being listed are only seen in psychiatric nurses, but in all nurses. I also don't believe that a true desire to help other...
  5. State hospital.

    Our State hospital takes anyone. We have court committed, voluntary, and emergency admits. We also have forensic patients who have been there for many years. After the patients are sent on an emergency pink slip, the doctors have to decide whether or...
  6. Moving to columbus, need advice!!!!

    I was just wondering what was the worst about OSU? I think the nurses there are unionized, aren't they? Or maybe they are just working for the state. I always thought that would be a good place to work but now I am doubting it.
  7. Safety Policies

    I stand corrected. I didn't mean that ALL who strongly oppose should be suspect. I should have said that SOME may be more likely to have contraband. You're right that many will have other issues relating to the invasion of privacy. I should have been...
  8. Safety Policies

    Just a couple of suggestions. We have the tank lids on the commodes bolted down so we don't have to check inside of them. Secondly, we don't search visitors but they aren't allowed to bring purses or packages on the unit. We have a visitors locker th...
  9. You might try Genesis hospital in Zanesville. It's a shorter drive from Wheeling to Zanesville than it would be to Columbus. I work in Cambridge. Good luck with your job search!
  10. Ohio nursing students......belmont tech?

    Just found your post! I went to Belmont Tech (years ago). Are you still going. It's great to see posts from our little area of Ohio!
  11. S.E. Ohio, Athens area R.N. job info needed. You can try this link. It is for Genesis Hospital in Zanesville. That may be somewhat farther than you want to drive but they have twelve hour shifts and the pay is rather alluring! Welcome to the area. I work at the State hospital...
  12. 1948 movie The Snake Pit

    I've never seen the movie. However, a couple of things off the top of my head is the reduction of people being placed in restraints and moving mentally ill patients out into the community rather than keeping them institutionalized for years and years...
  13. reducing aggression in psychotic patients

    That's hard to say given the individuality of each case. If the person is acutely psychotic, you may not want to encourage them to start beating up on a punching bag. They might not be able to back off from it! My experience with psychotic patients i...
  14. tips for adolescent psych, plz??

    Teens can be tough to work with. Lots of times they come across as being angry when they really have a lot of emotional pain that they don't know how to deal with. Just be patient with them and don't take it personally when one or more of them offend...
  15. What do nursing unions do?

    Are you, by chance, in SEIU?