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I am a Registered Nurse certified by the ANCC in Mental Health and Psychiatric nursing

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  1. Bjo

    Issues with Psy Nursing

    I've been offended on this site, too. When that happens, I just log off for a while until I feel like I'm ready to come back. You have to realize that a lot of people can look at others and judge them, but it takes a bold person to judge themselves. You will be a great psych nurse because you have the desire. And thunderwolf is right; the stigma of mental health is very difficult to overcome. And whether a person practices mental health nursing or not, everyone has had "issues" that gives them a little experience in life's lessons. The difference with psych nurses is that they take that experience and try to help others overcome what they are dealing with. Other people keep things to themselves. It's just a difference in people and the way they use what they have. Just keep believing in yourself, moon30. You will do great things!
  2. Bjo

    Psychiatric RN Certification?

    You can check out the requirements at www.nursingworld.org I'm actually due to be recertified this year so I need to be looking into it myself. Good Luck!!
  3. Bjo

    re: something to consider...

    Your story was so touching! As for the guy at work, if you lose his friendship at least you can be sure you made a difference in his life. You've had to endure so much pain in your life and to turn all that experience into a way to help others is, in my opinion, one of the bravest things a person can do. :kiss
  4. Bjo

    re: something to consider...

    Very well said. Thank you for your post. You are absolutely correct in all that you said. I don't think the problems and issues being listed are only seen in psychiatric nurses, but in all nurses. I also don't believe that a true desire to help others is anything to be wary of. Nurses are supposed to be compassionate and caring. That's what we do, isn't it? When I stop wanting to help other people, I should stop being a nurse. Whether I work in OB, OR, Med Surg, Peds, or Psych; it's going to feel better at the end of the day to know I did the best I could to help someone get better than to think I put in eight or twelve hours not caring what happened to them.
  5. Bjo

    State hospital.

    Our State hospital takes anyone. We have court committed, voluntary, and emergency admits. We also have forensic patients who have been there for many years. After the patients are sent on an emergency pink slip, the doctors have to decide whether or not they need to stay. If the patients sign a voluntary, they stay until the doctor discharges them. If they won't sign a voluntary and the doctor thinks they are in need of further treatment then the doctor signs for them to go to probate court where the judge will decide if they need to stay. They can be committed for 90 days to two years. We are regulated by the local mental health boards and it depends on which county the patients are from as to what hospital they can be admitted to.
  6. Bjo

    Safety Policies

    I stand corrected. I didn't mean that ALL who strongly oppose should be suspect. I should have said that SOME may be more likely to have contraband. You're right that many will have other issues relating to the invasion of privacy. I should have been more clear. I also wanted to add that the approach the staff take during the searches can have an impact on how the patients accept it also.
  7. Bjo

    Safety Policies

    Just a couple of suggestions. We have the tank lids on the commodes bolted down so we don't have to check inside of them. Secondly, we don't search visitors but they aren't allowed to bring purses or packages on the unit. We have a visitors locker that they have to use for these things. They hold the key until visitation is over and then remove their belongings to take home with them. Any packages brought in for patients during the visitation must be checked before the patient receives them. We have off ward privileges as well. We don't do a full search but we do use a hand held scanner to check for anything that would be metal. We still do ward searches as well. Just a quick look over at the start and end of every shift. We don't do the complete top to bottom search unless we suspect contraband. If this is something new you have just started, the patients should adjust to it as long as you are consistent and explain to them that it is to ensure everyone's safety. If they are strongly opposed to it, perhaps these patients need a more thorough search!
  8. www.genesishcs.org You might try Genesis hospital in Zanesville. It's a shorter drive from Wheeling to Zanesville than it would be to Columbus. I work in Cambridge. Good luck with your job search!
  9. Bjo

    Ohio nursing students......belmont tech?

    Just found your post! I went to Belmont Tech (years ago). Are you still going. It's great to see posts from our little area of Ohio!
  10. Bjo

    S.E. Ohio, Athens area R.N. job info needed.

    www.genesishcs.org You can try this link. It is for Genesis Hospital in Zanesville. That may be somewhat farther than you want to drive but they have twelve hour shifts and the pay is rather alluring! Welcome to the area. I work at the State hospital in Cambridge. Our sister hospital is beside of Obleness there in Athens. If you decide you want to try psychiatric nursing let me know. We aren't hiring full time but could probably use what's called an ETI. (Established Term Irregular). You aren't promised any certain shift so it isn't the ideal job. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that comes up and let you know.
  11. Bjo

    Court sides with California nurses

    Excellent!! Keep up the good work, CNA!
  12. Nurses in all states should be as assertive and outspoken as the CNA. Voices are only heard when they are projected loud and clear for all to hear. The more voices, the louder the message. I am in total support of what they are doing.:yelclap:
  13. Bjo

    1948 movie The Snake Pit

    I've never seen the movie. However, a couple of things off the top of my head is the reduction of people being placed in restraints and moving mentally ill patients out into the community rather than keeping them institutionalized for years and years.
  14. Bjo

    reducing aggression in psychotic patients

    That's hard to say given the individuality of each case. If the person is acutely psychotic, you may not want to encourage them to start beating up on a punching bag. They might not be able to back off from it! My experience with psychotic patients is that they come in to the hospital because they went off their medication. If they are truly psychotic, they probably have to have the medication. There are many other things you can do in addition to medication, but that will depend on the individual's personal circumstances and the degree of psychosis.
  15. Bjo

    tips for adolescent psych, plz??

    Teens can be tough to work with. Lots of times they come across as being angry when they really have a lot of emotional pain that they don't know how to deal with. Just be patient with them and don't take it personally when one or more of them offend you in some way. Be the adult but still give them respect as an individual. They will appreciate that more than anything. Just let them be aware that you expect them to give you the same kind of respect. Many of the teens I've worked with were different (more reachable) after they knew where we stood with each other.
  16. Bjo

    What do nursing unions do?

    Are you, by chance, in SEIU?