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I have been an LVN and have worked for the same company for 10 years. 2 years ago, I hade a break down. I was diagnosed with post partum/ seasonal depression. I had a feloney charge for theft, and had did all I needed to to get it expunged, so it is now removed from my records. does anyone know if and how it works to ensure it is also removed so that the nursing board can not keep it on file and visible for public view? I was fined 1000 dollars and or the choice to go in front of the Board to dispute my case. which may or may not reduce the fine and possibly remove the charges frommy records. please advise, I'm so scared and worried. I dont want to lose my job,and if at all a possible would like to not have discolse any information to anyone if I don't h ave to. I am a single mother of 4. can anyone direct me as to where to go and who to speak with for advise and answers, should I get a lawyer?


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There is no clean slate with the Board. You should have already consulted with an attorney: TAANA offers a referral service of attorneys experienced in dealing with Boards. TAANA Executive Office - Home

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The charge has been expunged. Some BON's feel that is not enough and you need to still report it.

Review your BON's requirement, if it eases your mind. If it doesn't.. trust me.. don't offer the info.. they will have a great deal of difficulty finding it, even if they are looking.

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Legal expungement doesn't usually mean BON expungement if they already know about the charge. If you dispute it before the BON, hire an experienced attorney.

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