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How are things going? Are you getting excited. what classes are you taking for your last semester?

I need to take pharm and women and child nursing and that is it

I can't wait until I walk across that stage. It will be amazing!:D


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i am humble and grateful to have made it thus far. i am excited and "scared' at the same time. i am looking forward to starting my last semester in jan., pinning and graduation in may, and soon after, nclex-rn [passing of course] and working.

i will be taking:

peds ii

adult iii

transition into nursing


is anyone else having mixed emotions?

:eek: :cool: :p :) :chuckle


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you are finished with med/surg?

Scared that I won't pass HESI! taking Leadership, Community, and Current Issues in Nursing. good luck to you all!


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yes I am. Due to a very large class the students were split into two groups and our school being progressive offers both advanced medical surgical nursing and maternal and Child nursing in both semesters. It was nice to get it out of the way.


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we have three levels of adult health and each semester is a "killer". i know you are relieved to have finshed.


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originally posted by erictamucc-bsn

scared that i won't pass hesi! taking leadership, community, and current issues in nursing. good luck to you all!

i see i am not the only one to have this feeling, "scared". we have to take the hesi also and leadership/management are incoporated into a transitional class.

here's wishing all the best to each of us. :kiss

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I would like to announce my 3 way engagement to my Peds/Mat book and Med/Surg book.

I swear i've had my face so stuck in those books that's the way it FEELS.


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i will be in my fourth med/surg, peds, ciritcal care and community health. We also have a course of nursing issues.

Oh and I have to take a PE course (cardio workout).

good luck to everyone!


ps. for 4 weeks over the winter i will be in a practicum on an oncology floor.


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I have community health and management left before graduation in May. I can't wait!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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I'm taking Adult III, Leadership and Management Trends, and Sociology.

And then graduating in May.

Here we go!!!


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I just had my community rotation last semester... I did not like it at all!!! Anyone had any good expereinces in community? I'll be so glad to have my clinicals in the hospital again this semester!

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