Christus Santa Rosa Versant Residency- Winter 2017

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Is anyone else applying for the Versant residency that starts in February in San Antonio? I know their application ends on October 30th and I want to stay posted for when everyone that applied starts getting contacted!

My offer on Thursday was with CHOSA

Congrats!! Was that with the pedi heme/onc unit you mentioned? They didn't want me making a decision until they had pedi spots finalized, so I'm waiting patiently to hear something.

Yup! Crossing my fingers for you :) What unit were you waiting to hear from for CHOSA?

It was a verbal offer. She said the contracts will be emailed out probably this or next week to everyone.

can you let us know when you receive your offer letter pleaaaasee


any updates?

nope, haven't received anything

She said she should be able to get offer letters out by the end of this week

how much do they pay new grads? i live in houston and am graduating in april

Hi, I m starting this residency in Feb 2018. I can not find any info on the differentials! Do you get them as a resident nurse? and if yes, how much and starting what hour? Thank you!!!


Could you please tell me what are the differentials? and what are the hours for them? The recruiter did not even know if they are applicable to the resident nurses. Thanks!!

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