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Children and nursing school

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Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to nursing school which was a very exciting moment. I am a little worried about getting through school and having four kids and my husband will be away for training and deploying soon as well. I have begun searching for nannies in my area but am having a hard time finding a person that fits for us. I have until mid august to find someone but I'm worried that I'm going to have to drop the program. Any other mothers been through this? Or anyone with some uplifting words of wisdom please?

As always, thanks in advance

I am a mother to one 18 month old and my husband as well also travels for work. Although I know 1 18 month old is not the same as 4 kiddos it still is a tough job. I have a lot of friends in the program with me that have older kids and they seem to be able to make it work by having the kids help out a lot with the chores. Depending on ages they can help wash and fold clothes, house chores etc.

I tend to find just pushing through without worrying about what could go wrong works best. I was so worried before starting nursing school based on reading this forum and how hard people make it out to be but I found it was not as challenging as I thought. It is just about reading and retaining. The material is not rocket science or equations but critical thinking! You will do fine mom!

Four kids while being a single mom here! It can be done! Feel free to ask me any questions. Idk how old your kids are, but mine range in age from 8-14, they were 5-11 when I started.

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How brave you are! Mine were "grown" when I started school, so I have no advice, but I do have admiration for your spirit!

Four kids while being a single mom here! It can be done! Feel free to ask me any questions. Idk how old your kids are, but mine range in age from 8-14, they were 5-11 when I started.


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Are you near family? How old are your children? What type of Nanny are you looking for? (Just asking because of that story in some state where the nanny won't do her job and won't leave). Would it be possible to have a family member, even if they are far away, to have them come out and and help you out for a period of time? Niece? Nephew? Cousin?

I can give you more ideas if I knew their ages! I am guessing they're young?

Thanks for everyone's reply. I'm going to message the momma that's been through this.

To answer the last poster, ages 11, 10, 6, 4. No family can come I've already checked around with everyone back home. The only friends I've made here have moved to a different base.

It can be done. I have a 2 month old and a 3 year old. My husband used to work on the road so I had a nanny that had a flexible schedule. He works mid-nights now so they come in the morning while I am at school till he gets home and then he goes to sleep as soon as I get home. Very taxing on him and myself but it will be worth it. I don't know how your school works but my schedule changes every 12 weeks so I have to have someone that is flexible. I study when they are sleeping (harder with the new one) and I practice the hands on stuff on my 3 year old, she loves it.

I found my nanny on craigslist. She had great references.


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Yes it can be done. I have 3 kids with no family around. We have a nanny who is INCREDIBLE! We found her through a friend, but I was prepared to use one of those babysitting sites.

Things that help me:

1. meal plan-I plan 8 weeks at a time so I just grab that week and make the grocery list and go. I also will recycle the weeks to get me through the semester.

2. Use a calendar and put everything on it-your school, kids school, activities, parties, etc.

3. When you are a student be a student. When you are a mom be a mom. Separate the two that was really hard for me, I would try to study while cooking or something and that did no work for me and it made my children resentful.

4. The best thing that helped was I got up at 4:00am to study before the kids had to be up or I had to be at the hospital. Those 1-2 hour study sessions paid off.

5. Schedule family fun time.


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I have 4 children ages7-15and my hubby isn't gone but may as well be with the long hours he works!.

I echo what 3peas said. And want to add being organized has been key. I also keep flashcards with me to study when I have a spare moment. We also do homework together. when my 7yo was younger he would color. Also learning to be flexible. Some nights we have cereal for dinner. And involving them with helping you with chores or quizzing you can be great for everyone. Good luck!!!

Thank you guys so much...I've been looking everywhere for a nanny and fingers crossed that person comes soon. I really appreciate the tips and support that means a lot right now.

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I recommend you call the grammar schools in your area and ask the secretary who some of the teachers use. They all have the same issues you do and may be able to recommend someone.

You can totally do it!

I don't have any children myself, but I am still working 40+ hours a week because, bills. One of my good friends in my nursing program is a single mom to 2 young children (10 & 8) and works probably 60+ hours a week. Her advice is "yuo don't think about it, you just do it"- you find a way to make it work. You are doing this (most likely) to provide a better future for yourself and your children, so you will 100000% make it work, I guarantee it! Have confidence in yourself!