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So I'm in an odd place. I had two classes left before graduation, on MedSurge I had a B average before the Hesi End of Term Exam. The school made the Hesi exam worth 15% of our grade with a cap score. I don't feel we were appropriately prepared. So I didn't make the score, received 0 points and my grade went down two letters, thus I failed the class along with more than half of the class. Administration told us that they knew the test banks had been released and that the Hesi was the only way to ensure we hadn't cheated. Well come to find out the students obtained the Hesi test bank and did cheat. Well they graduated while everyone else failed. So I don't know what to do I'm being punished for not cheating! If you have the right hook up you can get the Hesi test bank.

OrganizedChaos, LVN

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So the test bank for the HESI were released but they used the HESI to make sure people didn't fail?

windsurfer8, BSN

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It doesn't matter if you do not feel you were "appropriately prepared". You didn't pass....so blaming the school or anyone else is pointless. You KNEW going in what percentage that would count and you didn't drop the class so you are responsible. Funny on this board majority of the time students who failed right off the top blame someone else. Good luck if you ever become a nurse in using that excuse when you make a med error. As far as people cheating and graduating if you have evidence (not rumors..that isn't evidence) then you can report it to the Dean. However that will have nothing to do with whether you pass or fail. You are not being "punished for not cheating". Not passing a class is not "punishment". It is the outcome of failure to meet the class requirements. Do you want nurses taking care of you who did not pass Med/surg? That is 101 in nursing. Learn from this and study harder next time. If you are unclear of the class requirements then ask the first day. If you agree to them then continue. If you feel you are unable to meet the requirements then quit. Once you assume responsibility then you need to successfully navigate the curriculum or you will earn a failing grade. Blame is the first thing you need to learn in nursing school is something that simply won't fly in a hospital. Once you assume care of a patient...done deal..they are yours. Even if the pharmacy screws up a med..you administer it..it is on you.

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I thought there were online study guides and practice questions -

I'm just asking because it was SO long ago since I was in nsg school - I thought that kind of study materials were out there like Nclex manuals and practice questions.

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Other people cheating is NOT why you failed and you are not being punished. You failed because you didn't pass the HESI. It wasnt made harder for you. If others cheated doesn't affect you at all so comparing yourself to cheaters is useless. You need to focus on you. If you have actual proof of cheating and not just hearsay, then report it. But I can tell you that it's nearly impossible to get q bank of the exact HESI you took since they are generally special made for the school each semester and require an access code entered into a computer with an IP address given to HESI. But again, whether someone else cheated or not, doesn't affect why YOU failed. Focus on yourself and study harder next time.

I find it very hard to believe that someone had a test bank to the HESI. But it doesn't matter if someone else did or not. YOU didn't pass the HESI. It doesn't matter what anyone else did or how they did it.

I'm sure the requirements of graduation were presented to you at some point in the program. You didn't meet those requirements so you can't graduate. I'm sorry you are in this situation but study and take the HESI again.

rob4546, ADN, BSN, MSN

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How do you know that there was cheating? I graduated little over a year ago and we also used HESI tests throughout school and no two people in class had the same test. The test bank in which the questions are pulled are huge. Even if the test bank was somehow compromised a person would have to memorize too many questions to make it highly probable. HESI and other testing materials like these are similar to the NCLEX and you will have to understand the material to pass these as well. Play your game, don't blame others or make excuses.