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Chattahoochee Tech ADN program 2020

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by Surgtech97 Surgtech97 (New) New Pre-Student

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Hi my name is Samantha, I am currently a CST (certified surgical technologist) at CHOA, and I am considering applying to the ADN program for fall 2020! I actually completed the Surgical Tech program at Chatt Tech, and since then have been working at CHOA, I love my job there and love being a surgical tech, but really want to advance my career in the medical field by becoming an RN! I took my teas a few years ago before the surg tech program and got a 70 which is the minimum score and have a 3.46 GPA after the program. I would love to discuss with anyone thoughts about the program and any advise, about program admission, working while in the program, and tips and tricks for a higher score on the teas and CT exam! 

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