Charge Rn's. How many beds on your units?


Good evening all,

We are experiencing some issues and I wanted some feedback on a day in your life?

How many beds do you supervise and how many staff on any given day or night shift? Do you have any other responsibilities other than the shift flow?

How much is your charge differential?

Thanks for your help!

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Narrowing it down a bit - type of unit, type of hospital, etc. ... will probably get you more responses that will give you meaningful perspective.

Actually I am looking for the wide range of areas. Icu's to med/surg speciality hosptials to Ltac's.


NicuGal, MSN, RN

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NICU....56 beds plus 7 overflow. Depends on census but minimum 16-17 nurses. No diff for charge.

We don't take an assignment unless short, we do all staffing for the next shift, stock, set up bed spaces, help out, watch the desk when the secretary is at lunch or we have no secretary.

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32 beds in med/surge. 12 staff on days and eves..10 on nights. NO extra charge differential.

Thanks for your responses. They are appreciated. Anyone else?


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Peds/PICU- 1 charge for both. Total of 25 beds. Usually have 5-6 nurses (but really depends on census), 2 nursing assistants, 1 HUC. Charge differential is $1.50/hr.

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16 bed burn unit. We have 8 monitored "swing" beds that can be either ICU or tele or even floor, everything else is strictly floor. I relief charge on nights and will have anything from 3 to 8 nurses depending on census and acuity.

I get paid an extra $2.00/hr. Sometimes the charge is expected to staff in -- just depends on how many extra/PRN RNs there are that night. If I'm the most experienced nurse on the unit (and I only have two years of experience) -- then I try not to staff myself in because I am the resource for the unit, scary-thoughts. As charge, I'm expected to take all transfer calls, do any send-to-clinic dressings down in the ER if they are complicated or bigger or we don't have a wound tech, and also do any debridement and dressings on major burn admits with (or without) the wound care tech.


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I work on an 8 bed CVICU. As relief charge on nights I am expected to be the resource for the staff and there may be only 1-3 other nurses depending on the census. Usually one tech and no huc or secretary. I make the assignments and make sure any admissions meet out criteria (no infected patients, etc.) I also respond to any codes of our cv progressive care unit.


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Oh and compensation is a whopping $0.75!


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30-bed med/tele unit, public teaching hospital. Usually 6 nurses, 4 CNAs avg. Takes patients 90% of the time. NO differential. No comment.


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NICU 70 beds 25-30 nurses