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Changing Trachs


I've changed out many trachs successfully, but it still terrifies me to do it. Will the feeling ever go away? I know anxiety can be a good thing, but is this normal?

you mean inner cannulae? I just started doing this with my new job and the best advice I can tell you is to volunteer to do EVERY trach on the floor. You'll get more comfortable the more you do it!

I've changed a lot of trachs in my day - both routine and emergent. I still get a little nervous every time. Make sure to get all of your equipment/supplies ready ahead of time, including things you may not necessarily need, like a mask for your AMBU bag (which you wouldn't normally need to have handy for a trach patient, but you may need if you cannot get the new trach in). Be organized, keep what you need within reach, and don't rush yourself but don't dawdle either.

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i think that a little "fear" is a good thing. Fear meaning respect. You cannot loose sight of the fact that you are about to do something that will carry the slight risk of massive adverse event. IF you don't have respect for the procedure your more likely to not have the required emergency supplies and mental contingency plan ready.

I remember one time I was orienting a nurse to a vent case, her first real life vent experience. She said to me "I'm nervous" I replied "yea it's litterly life support you shouldn't feel completely comfortable here"

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After 35 years I still get the "wilies".....I think a little apprehension is healthy.

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I'm still nervous around trachs. Kids with trachs are the worst. Many of them are able to roll around and play - dislodging them more frequently than the adult patients I have cared for. A bit of fear is good. I did have a bad experience where I was a witness to patient who was on a vent dying (not my patient and not under my care), but it did scar me a bit, so my fear is a bit more irrational than most.