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Is anyone out there considering or doing the ASN/ADN program through the Chancellors Institute/Regents College. If so what do you think about it? I am considering it, but would like to get some input on what anyone has heard about it. Thanks for your input. ;)

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It is a good way for me to get my RN. I do not have to do Algebra! :confused:

Actually I have heard many great things about it and one bad comment concerning acceptance for licensure by 1 or 2 state boards who do not accept it as the reqiurement to sit for thier boards exam for RN licensure! With those states they do not accept it even if you sit in one that did accept it, NO REPROCICITY!



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I am starting the program this month after i figured the cost of the traditional program and all the extra's i found this works better for me. Check out all programs carefully, I have read posts on the General discussion board from people who have really been unhappy with a few of the distance programs. If you would like more information on the RUE/Regents program drop me an e-mail and i will provide you with a contact person and a phone number-barb

This is what I want to do. I have the paper work sitting here next to my computer. I need to get my rear in gear and send it out. Cant reach my dream, becoming a RN with out mailing them. Just keep thinking, will this work for me? Going to school would be hard for me as the nearest one is amost 2 houres away, and I still need to work full time. :rolleyes:

davisll, are you still "considering" Chancellor's/ Regent's or are you still undecided? I have been thinking about it for 3 years now. Would like to know if you have started.

Xmasbabe, I will be starting to take my classes in January, but I decided against Chancellors I am going through RUE/Excelsior College way. I had heard bad things about Chancellors about the study guides etc. When I talked to someone at RUE they were were specific on what they did and they seem to offer more for the money, also they have a good payment plan for RUE as well as Excelsior College where as Chancellor's did not have any plan for Excelsior College they had it so that you owed a lump sum before you can register to the college. So I decided against Chancellor's. I hope I am making the right decision either way it is expensive but this is the only way I will be able to get back to school, because I have to work and raise a family. I am very excited about starting and nervous too. Good luck with what you decide to do.:D

davisll, what did you not like about Chancellor's or what did you see as the difference between Rue and Chancellors? When I compared the 2, which has been quite a while ago, Rue required that you buy additional books, whereas with Chancellors, you only needed to buy their study guide with audio tapes. No additional books were necessary. I guess that is what I liked. Not a stack of text books to study over, and BUY! It sounded all compact, every thing you needed to know was in their guide and tape, no additional text books at all. They said, if you need to know it, it's in their study guide/booklet. Thanks for your input!

Today I received this brochure in the mail about a program or should I say two programs for ADN/BSN. The LPN to ADN allows you to complete all course work at home at the fraction of the cost. Doesn't say anything about clinicals which I'm sure that you must do. The second program, which is the new Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration(BSHCA) degree available through the College Network's Partnership in Education with Bellevue University and require NO clinicals. This program is geared more towards administration. Has anyone completed or is anyone currently enrolled in either of these two programs? If so, please enlighten me with any feed back about either program. I'm curious. Thanks, Michele

Hello all :D

Excelsior(Regents) is a wonderful way to earn your degree. I love the program!!!!!!!

If anyone is thinking about using a publishing company to help them set up a program using study guides, please check out all options and choose carefully, there are dozens out there,

Chancellors , Rue , etc. and each offer different deals. I personally have chosen Moore. They offered the best deal for me. They have interest free financing and since I put down 10%, they wil give me a free practice CPNE with a strengths/weaknesses assessment!!! I do well when it comes to bookwork, however when someone follows me around with a clip board I tend to get nervous:o

If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me, GOOD LUCK in your studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm an RN that did the Excelsior (regents) program. I would love to answer any questions Re: the program. I'm currently working on my BSN via Excelsior.

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i'm an rn that did the excelsior (regents) program. i would love to answer any questions re: the program. i'm currently working on my bsn via excelsior.

n :confused: i am very interested in obtaining my rn through excelsior, but i have questions about rue, because i see that other people are using them and the information i got from excelsior had a warning about those type of assistive programs.

I did the program also and in my experience NONE of the publishers was worth the money. I started thru Moore because they implied to me that the only way to participate in the regents program was to go thru a company like theirs. No, they never came out and said it like that but thats what was inplied and i fell for it hook line and sinker. My advice is to deal ONLY with Excelsior/Regents. All the materials you need can be gotten from them or your local bookstore at a much lowr cost.

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