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Chamberlain University Nursing Informatics

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Hi Everyone, Sorry I didn't get a notification of any messages. I should finish my MSN-Informatics with Chamberlain at the end of the year. I just started my practicum. 

In regards to credit hour charges, they do post them. It's standard, I am an alumni and veteran so I pay $550/credit. Regular tuition is $650. https://www.chamberlain.edu/admissions/tuition-expenses

Preceptor was almost impossible to find unless you are already in the business. For this reason, they have created a Second Life practicum. The cool thing is that my preceptor is Dr. Hebda who has written books on the field and is probably one of the first to specialize or formalize this specialty. I have good access to her imo. 

The practicum is project based and they want it to have a national impact. For example, I am doing usability testing on a national patient portal. We have meetings on WebEx and Second Life. They encourage collaboration with other students. I like it so far. Starting the practicum after a year of taking a break due to cross country move and my attempts of finding a local preceptor failed. They offered me Second Life at that point. I am actively learning all the parts of a project execution. I feel like I understand more of what informatics is like. I am not working in the field so I am by no means an expert. 

Could the program be better in brick and mortar school? Sure, but military life makes a 2 year local commitment hard for me personally so I chose an online school. Program objectives are clear. Assignments have very detailed rubric so I am not wondering what is needed to get a good grade.  If you think another program is better for you, go for it. I would not say that the program itself is disorganized or bad. These are my personal opinions and I respect the opinions of others. I hope this helps. 

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