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  1. Tennisqueen

    Northshore LIJ

    Would you know the PER DIEM rate for Northwell Plainview Hospital?
  2. Tennisqueen

    Northshore LIJ

    Does anyone know the PER DIEM rate for Northwell Health Plainview Hospital?
  3. Tennisqueen

    Jamaica Hospital Queens

    Orientations are monthly. I believe every beginning of the month.
  4. Tennisqueen

    Jamaica Hospital Queens

    You get a phone call if you get hired and they email you all documents required. There is no exam and they will inform you orientation dates. I heard they even call you if they do not hire you which is nice. At least they do not keep you waiting.
  5. Tennisqueen

    Has anyone taken the Periop 101 AORN final exam?

    Wow .. I just saw your replies. Thank you so much for the information!!! I am rereading the outlines and redoing all the quizzes and tests.
  6. Tennisqueen

    Periop 101 AORN

    to mlp5e: So you would say the questions are STRICTLY from the summaries meaning the FINAL EXAM summaries from each module that have most of the RED markings. Are the questions similar to the questions that are at the end of each module?
  7. Tennisqueen

    Periop 101 AORN

    to mlp5e: I am so happy for you!!! That is awesome.
  8. Tennisqueen

    Has anyone taken the Periop 101 AORN final exam?

    Hello: I would like to know how your exam was? I agree... there is soo much information. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Tennisqueen

    Periop 101 AORN

    Hello: I see you were scheduled to take your exam to day 8/31/2016. Can you please tell me details of how the exam was and how I should go about studying. Thanks!
  10. Tennisqueen

    Jamaica Hospital Queens

    Hello: I have an interview at Jamaica Hospital next week. Can anyone tell me what the base pay is and what is like to work there.
  11. Tennisqueen

    8 months and still searching...New grad RN

    Hello: I have an interview at JAMAICA HOSPITAL next week and was wondering if you have any information as you worked there. What is orientation like? Starting salary? What kind of benefits are offered to nurses? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  12. Tennisqueen


    Sign up with an AGENCY and they set you up with the UAS training.
  13. Tennisqueen

    New RN with an interview this week!

    Can you tell me what you said, when you answered this question: Give examples of a time when you used your critical thinking skills,
  14. Tennisqueen

    New home health nurse. Advice/tips needed.

    Can you tell me the specific duties of an Intake Specialist? thanks
  15. Tennisqueen

    Where do you work and do you like it.

    Hello Are you still working as an LPN intake Specialist? Was curious what the job entails.