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I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program> Any suggestion/idea is... Read More

  1. by   Boonce1
    My teacher had me do a change proposal on something I wanted to change where I work at. I choose Hand Hygeine because it was a recent discussion and mini inservices on it at work. I figured I could come up with 15 pages of info on hand washing.
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  3. by   fatboyRN8312
    I have been taking 2 online classes every 8 weeks with chamberlain since October 2009 - I just discovered this site - wow I wish I had before but now I have I'm glad, Is anyone taking Economics this semester? I do great with the posts but the mid term was so bad it destroyed my grade and I am concerned about the final coming up in less than 2 weeks ... anyone else in my shoes and petrified??

    Nice to meet everyone

  4. by   WyndDrivenRain
    Hi Karen,

    Yes! I'm in economics right now and I'm very nervous about the final. Good luck!

    Sue, RN
  5. by   fatboyRN8312
    Hi Sue,

    I am not 100% sure but I am starting to think that the instructor is very laid back - it only took him until today to grade week 5 paper ... karen
  6. by   Boonce1
    I did bad on my midterm when I took the economics. I had A work on discussion and papers D work on the mid term and C work on the final it averaged out to getting a B in economics
  7. by   susannyc
    I found the Economics mid-term to be much harder than the final. I ended up with a B for the course, missed the A by about half a point, due to my mid-term grade.
  8. by   fatboyRN8312
    Yes me too - who was your professor, I had 100% until the mid term and I bombed it ... my papers are pulling my grade back up but I am worried about the final pulling it down again, like my husband says its a grade it means nothing
  9. by   Pixie.RN
    Unfortunately we can't post faculty names in the discussions .... I also had a tough time with Econ. I'm glad I took it by itself -- I busted my tail to get an A in that class! I think it helped to review all the live lectures and PowerPoints that my instructor provided, and I did the required reading until I thought my head might explode. Blech. Out of all the classes I've had to take, Econ has probably been the most difficult because it was mostly unfamiliar territory.
  10. by   susannyc
    I'll be starting Community Health on 4/26. Can anybody tell me what it's like? Thanks.
  11. by   Boonce1
    Community health was easy for me I am a community health nurse. I did not even have to crack the book open. It was one my favorite start getting ideas on a big paper at the end on something that effects your community.
  12. by   susannyc
    How long does the paper have to be? And what other requirements are there? I'm currently in case management, but have done a lot of home care/community health stuff in the past.
  13. by   fatboyRN8312
    I am in community health nursing at this time last 2 weeks its not bad but I was surprised to find out you have to visit 4 community facilities and interview a nurse for the final project, a power point presentation was due in week 6 and 2 papers plenty of discussion, but so far it has not been the hardest class that I have taken.

    Good luck.