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Chamberlain College of Nursing

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Hi everyone,

This is my very first post on this website. I usually love to read others' comments rather than write on website forums, however, I need an insightful advice about chamberlain college of nursing in Phoenix. I had applied for two nursing programs: Grand Canyon University & Chamberlain. For Grand Canyon I needed to retake some classes to raise my gpa, but I got accepted to chamberlain right away. I am starting chamberlain next week and due to some reviews I'm not sure if it's worth it anymore. A few days ago, I met somebody who gave some information on chamberlain, apparently, she studied medical billing at chamberlain and because she couldn't find a job in her field after graduation, she worked as 911 operator for years. She also told me that they go very easy on students especially on grades because they want to have a high passing rate-- their accreditation & passing rate is exactly the same as GCU-- she also told me that there is no job for new nurses from Chamberlain in phoenix area because all directors are very well familiar with how chamberlain works and they would rather take someone from GCU or ASU rather than chamberlain.

Recently, I also have troubles with them because they don't accept most of my transferring credits. I was okay with the expensive tuition and repeating some classes again for the sake of becoming a nurse, but I'm starting to think if I don't find a job after I graduate like this woman told me, then I can't pay back my loans, then what's the point of going to chamberlain.

I want to know if any of you knows about chamberlain or any nurse that has graduated from it & if what this woman is said is the truth. Do you guys think, it's better to retake the courses needed by GCU and apply there by summer instead?

Thank you, I appreciate all your comments =)


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A very good friend of mine graduated with a BSN from chamberlain in Phoenix....we work at a very highly ranked, reputable, and well known hospital & I am currently an FNP student at chamberlain. Our employer has an academic agreement with them.

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This is not true. First, they do not just pass everybody, you have to work for your grades. Second, I'm the assistant to a Director at a very well known magnet hospital, and they love Chamberlain students. My director cannot wait until I graduate so that he can hire me as a labor and delivery nurse. Good luck with whatever option you choose!

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Also, they do not offer medical billing at Chamberlain, so your friend is lying. 😊

Hi Bretsin,

I am actually in one of your classes at Chamberlain (you had previously sent out an email to our class and I recognized your name).

I was also torn between GCU and Chamberlain as well. However, my mom did some investigating and found that GCU had over a hundred claims on the Better Business Bureau site (with 99 complaints for billing/collection services). Chamberlain only had 1 complaint. I also read somewhere that GCU scams you out of money, saying they will hold your diploma until you pay a large ($1,000+) outstanding balance on your account. They make up excuses for why they need more money, even though students have already paid their tuition in full. Even though I could technically afford to pay for their little scam at the end, I don't want to be giving my money to that type of sleazy school.

However, I do have some serious concerns about Chamberlain being a for-profit school. I also have concerns about them being associated with DeVry.

As far as transferring credits go, Chamberlain granted me 30 transfer credits from my previous university in Missouri. But because of that, there are many semesters where I am only a part time student, and I'm still going to end up graduating in about 3 years, which is a bummer. I thought with all those transfer credits that at least I could knock off 2 semesters.

If you decide to give Chamberlain a shot, let me know! Maybe we could get a study group started with some of our other classmates :)


I checked out almost every nursing school in Arizona before I made my choice. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about transfer credits so I don't have a great answer in that regard. I can say though that the school I chose I had to dig some more to find. I started on Septemeber 2nd and after my first week I can officially say I'm in LOVE! I chose Brookline College for numberous reasons.

1. They are a small and personal campus with only about 250 nursing students

2. The admissions requirements aren't nearly as strict as most of the other schools which speaks volumes for their factulty (look up their stats on AZ State Board of Nursing they are AMAZING for how easy the admissions requirements are)

3. The admissions process was made so simple for me ******************

4. I can get my BSN in under 3 years which is super fast but will get me in the field quicker (their job placement rate is at like 90% FYI :) )

From what I've heard from other students though is that they do accept a bunch of transfer credits. Like I said, I can't say from experience cause I didn't have any to transfer in. Also, they don't have a waiting list if you get in there soon enough before the start date. I was able to enroll in early August for my start that just happened this past week.

Like I said I only have great things to say about Brookline so far and from what I've heard from other students there, everyone loves it-I know I do! I would definitely check them out! It never hurts and I think you'd really be impressed. They are not as well known cause they don't do a lot of marketing but the are a hidden treasure for sure!

I hope this helps and if you stay with Chamberlain I wish you the best of luck! :)

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I would encourage anyone reading this to be extremely weary of attending Brookline.

Even if they say their "job placement" rate is 90%- this doesn't mean that 90% of graduates found work in *nursing*, they simply found work at any job, whether it be fast food, retail, etc. You always need to be cautious when schools say these things.

Also, they are only nationally accredited, not regionally accredited- so you would NOT be able to continue your education after graduation OR transfer their credits to any other school. This is a HUGE problem.

Their admissions requirements are lax because they accept anyone and everyone that applies. This says something about the quality of students that are attending there.

Lastly, I have read on here multiple times that hospitals will NOT hire Brookline graduates.

I am currently in the online RN-BSn program at Chamberlain. Chamberlain is extremely limiting on what they will accept for transfer credits. I have to retake an English, History(as an elective), and two extra math classes. The tuition is very expensive. I have yet to have enough financial aid to pay for it (and now have maxed out my student loan limit) and have had at least $1000.00 out of pocket. That was 1 class per eight week session. At this point I would have to say that I am very dissatisfied. I have an academic adviser that never answers her phone or returns e-mails. Trying to get through to financial aid is difficult and usually means at least a 20-30 minute wait on hold. Then it is a roll of the dice as to whether or not the person you get is going to be helpful or rude. The professors have been pretty good, but I have had 2 out of 5 that took a long time to grade anything and gave little to no feedback about assignments or ways to improve. I by no means expected it to be easy, but as in the case of these 2 professors, the online discussion post were very time consuming (between 5-10 hours a week), tedious and then grading was hyper-critical. Then add in eight page papers and tests. I am a 40+ hour a week working nurse and can't afford not to be, so I am currently talking to a local University about transferring and what if any of my Chamberlain credits credits they will accept. The tuition is nearly $1600.00 less per semester and I can still complete nearly all of it online. I should have went there in the first place and saved myself some money and frustration. Good luck to anyone that is already in this program and is having a better experience then mine. However, as for a positive recommendation, it won't come from me.

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If you weren't satisfied with the transfer of your credits and the price, why did you start the program? Just wanted to get it done?

In my case, my 206 pre-existing credits went the furthest with Chamberlain, after I had transcripts evaluated by a few schools. I also had tuition reimbursement from my employers which was helpful, because Chamberlain is indeed pricey.

I am sorry you have had a less than stellar experience with Chamberlain. :( Hopefully your local university will work out better for you!

Hi everyone! I am interested on applying to Chamberlain this fall 2015. I've read all off the comments and I understand that some of you got into the program. Can anyone tell me how's the classes, clinical, and the program in all. My major concern is the money because it is very PRICEY. did anyone of you graduated yet and have a job? Thanks in advance!

I'm starting August 31st. I was wondering some of the same, also does anyone have any recommendations for a good APA reference book to purchase? I've been out of school for a while. Thanks

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I'm starting August 31st. I was wondering some of the same, also does anyone have any recommendations for a good APA reference book to purchase? I've been out of school for a while. Thanks

Just get the APA manual, 6th edition: Amazon.com: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition (9781433805615): American Psychological Association: Books

Very inexpensive used copies available. :) Good luck!!

I'm starting August 31st. I was wondering some of the same, also does anyone have any recommendations for a good APA reference book to purchase? I've been out of school for a while. Thanks

Hi! when did you got your acceptance letter?

I have been an LPN now for some time and I went to Lincoln Technical Institute for that. And I am also looking at chamberlain. You read so many bad reviews on every school, but then i typed in the school i graduated from, and let me tell you the horrible reviews i saw. The worst out of all the reviews ever i would say and my school wasn't bad at all. Its all up to the student. Jobs don't care where you went to school. My Director of Nursing told me this " No one cares where you went to school" Time is of the essences. Go to Chamberlain and study study study and pass and get a job. Nursing classes NEVER transfer over. Its the degree, THAT LICENSE that goes with you. Prerequisite courses may not depending on one schools accreditation versus another. But I got a job right out of Lincoln Tech and many people said the same thing.

Hello all! I am considering attending Chamberlain here in Phoenix with potential start dates of May '17 or August '17. I sat down with a counselor the other day and It looks like I would have the majority of the general ED courses out of the way with the exception of maybe 1 math class. the gentlemen I met with gave me an unofficial estimated cost of around 45-49 thousand to complete my BSN. My question for anyone who will be or who is in the program currently... how has the experience been so far? And have any of you had any difficulty paying for school with a combination of Federal and private loans? Based on what I already have completed I'm worried that I will have a hard time remaining a full time student through the whole program. Has anyone had any issues with this?


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I'm writing to you because I saw some comments you had about Chamberlain.

a) did you decide to attend?

b) if you did, how do you like it?

How do you like the program so far? I'm looking for students that have attended Chamberlain.

I am set to start in September 2018 and I wonder how the chamberlain system teaches the Plan of Care. At a previous college I was dropped in the deep end with the internet, google and some books and told to "create a care plan" and they had only a template and no one on one guidance. I was shocked. then my evaluator chided me for not following instructions. ugh. I am looking for respect from teachers because I give them respect.

How was your experience at Chamberlain? Thanks for your help.

2) also, how do you get ready for a test? does the professor usually give you practice questions (not the exact questions but similar ones to keep the energy up?)

I'm sorry if you have other postes that clarify these issues. I am new to allnurses and I'm just figuring thing out. Where is the "Chamberlain forum"? thanks !