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hazel30 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Women and Infants.

Mother of the coolest 10 year old on the planet, avid reader, and lover of God. 🙂

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  1. hazel30

    New Grad Going into Postpartum Nursing

    Congrats on your new position! I started postpartum on nights, did a few years, and now work on days. At most places, day shift tends to be a little busier. During the day, you have the pediatrician's and OB's making rounds, ordering all types of stuff, lots of discharging, and we do circs during the day. Night shift can be busy at times, because of course, babies don't sleep on a schedule like we do. My nights were spent doing more education, baby weights and assessments. I did enjoy the slower pace of night shift, I just couldn't stay awake, LOL. Either way mother/baby is a wonderful unit to work on!
  2. Nice article. I have been wanting to try this specialty, and now I think I might! 😊
  3. hazel30

    Maternal mandatory drug screening

    I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. We drug test all mothers who have had any new std's during pregnancy, moms with limited or no prenatal care and precipitous deliveries, without consent! We also test mecs on those babies, without consent. And... We will report!
  4. Pros: Great faculty Excellent tutoring available Good clinical sites Fast blocks Good simulation labs Cons: Expensive
  5. hazel30

    Banner New Grad RN Program

    Yes to new grads in WIS! A large percentage of the girls in labor at my facility are new nurses.
  6. hazel30


    This has to be one of the most ridiculous posts that I have ever seen on this site. You chose to go to school for your LPN; how is that someone else's fault? Sounds like you should have done your research before you started the program.
  7. hazel30

    Banner New Grad Experience

    I only uploaded a resume.
  8. I just had a mom name her baby Geesis (Jesus) the other day. She was really proud of how she chose to spell it, too. Ha
  9. hazel30


    I got a call about a week or two after applying and getting all of my requirements done and turned in. Good luck!
  10. hazel30

    Nurse-to-patient ratio in AZ???

    Yep, I'm at Banner in mother/baby and we can take up to 4 couplets.
  11. hazel30

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Hello! I only had one interview with the recruiter and I was asked about 8 questions. The questions I can remember are, name your most favorite and least favorite clinical, describe a time when you received negative feedback and describe a time when you've received positive. Give 3 words to describe yourself. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? I was hired on the spot and then asked what department/specialty I was interested in. Banner likes to place new grads into units that they're genuinely interested in working in so that they can maintain their 95% new grad retention rate. I chose postpartum and it's been awesome! In the beginning you'll have to send in all of your documents and then get your TB test (depends on facility) mask fit and drug test done. Your first day will be clinical orientation at their corporate center in Mesa, where they will go over basic info like Banner's mission statement, safe med administration and glucose testing (you will be practicing this on each other!). A few days later you'll have a skills day at the corporate center in which you'll have didactic and then they'll watch you perform skills like working the pump, inserting a ng tube, placing a foley and doing a central line dressing change. However, don't be nervous because this information is only used to let your preceptor know what areas you need help in. Last, depending on what unit you choose you will come back at a later date to do a partial shift in their simulation center. When you start on your unit you'll be assigned a preceptor and you'll also have the facility educators checking in with you every 2 weeks and making sure that you're getting along with your preceptor, learning and staying on pace. The New Grad Experience is awesome... Good luck!
  12. hazel30

    Phoenix New Grad Positions 2016

    I have worked at Banner for 12 years and the New Grad Experience will accept your application without having a license, you just need a test date.
  13. hazel30

    New Grad! HELP!

    I agree with the others when they say that you need to revise your resume. Recruiters get bored looking at the same old resumes so you need to stand out! If you go on Etsy and type in resume templates, you will find some amazing resumes. I paid $15 for mine to be redone and I have received a callback from almost every job that I've applied to. Also, most of your larger hospitals now prefer BSN graduates, so that may be an issue as well. Good luck!
  14. hazel30

    HELP w/ NR328 & NR449

    I actually enjoyed Evidence Based and I think taking that class with peds is totally okay. You will have to write a lot and do a group project, however, it shouldn't be too stressful. You've probably already started your session, so good luck! í ½í¸Š
  15. hazel30

    Chamberlain or Maricopa CC

    Hello, recent Chamberlain-Phoenix graduate here! If you ever decide to attend Chamberlain in the future, I urge you to take all of your prerequisites at a community college; this route is way cheaper! As far as the education at Chamberlain, they will definitely train you to be a fully competent nurse. I have no complaints regarding the faculty or clinical rotations; both were pretty amazing. In regards to job placement, I have never heard anything about Chamberlain graduates not being able to find employment. I have been on multiple interviews with hiring managers who said they love Chamberlain graduates because they know that we were trained well. I graduated two months ago and have already been offered three positions and I have another interview at an excellent, well known hospital next week. Good luck on your journey! :)
  16. hazel30

    Discouraged at Chamberlain

    OP, any updates on what happened?