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My license expires at the end of March this year. I renewed it in February. Does the 2 years to get my CEUs begin in February... or March (when it was supposed to expire)? Right now, it says my license is current and expires March 2016. So you can't really see the exact date I renewed it. So if I got all my CEUs done today, I'm good until March 2016, right?

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You need to complete state required CEU's by time you apply for next license renewal.

Most states accept CEU starting one day post end date of previous license through new license application date prior to last day of current license.

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In my state the contact hours have to be current before the expiration date of your license. Next time do not wait till last minute. What if you got sick and could not cram them in all at once?

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Nobody's so sick for two years that she couldn't do any CE and is still wanting to go back to work. :)

Just do it.


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I didn't wait till the last minute. I renewed my license. Then decided to get all 20 CEUs for the NEXT 2 YEARS. I'm actually really early. It can be used for the next time my license expires, is that correct?


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Your renewal period begins after your license expires. For example, if your license would expire on February 28, you would begin to accrue CEUs for the next license period starting on March 1.


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After my license expires? So I had to wait till after the end of March to start getting my CEUs for the next 2 years? That doesn't make sense. What if I renewed it in February this year and doesn't expire NOW until the end of March 2016? I got my 20 CEUs for the next 2 years just yesterday... so my license has been current now since February.

I don't think anybody understands what I'm asking. :/

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I understand and yes you're good to go. Doesn't matter as long as you get them after you renewed.


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I do not agree with SlinkyheadRN, but it could be a difference from one state to the next. Why not consider asking your state's BON?


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There's no email address. I tried calling but they're closed. :(

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