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I am not yet even a nursing student but I think I will purse a CRNA degree. I was scanning a nursing job site and it seems that Texas has a very high pay scale. Any ideas as to why?... Read More

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    I have lived in Dallas my whole life (except when I went away to college), it's a fast city with real people. Meaning they'll run over you If you drive too slow!!!!

    It's not humid here, we just have numerous bodies of water.
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    I live near Athens GA, and used to manage a band here. We went to Austin for the SxSW (South x Southwest) Festival. It was so much fun, and Austin seemed like such a neat city, plus everyone was really friendly. But my heart belongs to Athens - there's no place like home.
    I,too, enjoyed South By Southwest. Austin is definately a party town. Sixth street is the best place to go if you love music. You can catch some country, rock, jazz, alternative, blues...all on the same street in ONE night. Lived there about 15 years ago...can't remember a whole lot Ended up at a nudist beach, I think it was called Hippy Hollow. I was really bummed as it was all gay men. Sweet as could be, but I still left alone! Not that I was looking to pick someone up, but as one of the previous posters mentioned...the guys in Texas are pretty hot. But I have to say...the heat sucks! You go from your airconditioned house, to your airconditioned car, to your airconditioned workplace/mall/bar/etc. Watch out for fire ants. Those suckers HURT when they bite. Also, saw cockroaches as big as my hand and tarantulas(?) out in the woods. If you're young and looking for a very cool town...Austin is it. But, being an REM fan, Athens holds a special place in my heart. Saw REM in Austin 15 years ago...wow!