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I am not yet even a nursing student but I think I will purse a CRNA degree. I was scanning a nursing job site and it seems that Texas has a very high pay scale. Any ideas as to why?... Read More

  1. by   Roland
    Here are some of the factors that I think contribute to good pay in Texas:

    1. Above average immigration creates extra strain upon the demand side of the medical services equation.

    2. Texas seems to make significant use of CRNA's in anesthesia. It seems that areas which utilize and recognize CRNA's to a greater extent also seem to pay them more (perhaps because they are more actively considered as a valid substitution to MDA's over a greater clinical spectrum).

    Also, the good pay of Texas is especially attractive given the fact that the RELATIVE cost of living is low (houses are cheaper in Houston than Indianapolis and WE are famous for a reasonable cost of living). Texas also has many beautiful places. Some of the best days of my early 20's were spent hiking, camping and rock climbing in Big Bend National Park. I will always remember a horse back riding trip that my father and I took in Boquias Mexico (just across the Rio Grande at Big Bend) into the mountains for two days. The cost was $20.00 per person and that INCLUDED the meals. We also had "fun" trying to catch the mysterious, but elusive "Marfa lights". In addition, there are few things more relaxing than walking along the green canals of San Antonio on Saint Patricks day! I also had some great Spring Breaks at South Padre Island on the SE coast of Texas we actually CAMPED on the beach in our RV! Also, I have found that people in Texas are as a rule EXTREMELY friendly. Having also lived in the Mass. area, I believe there to be an enormous difference in the average level of open, sincere, friendliness that you will encounter. Texas stands in many ways for the rugged, American spirit that truly BELIEVES in the sacredness of the INDIVIDUAL, and the intrinsic value contained within the concept of freedom. I wouldn't trade the few months that I have spent in Texas for anything! However, what I wouldn't give to FORGET the two semesters that I spent at MIT (of course a good deal of my misery had to do with the classes rather than the location or the people). Finally, at the risk of sounding like a typical male pig, I would point out that Texas has the best beef barbecue and strip clubs in America (my wife agrees SHE even likes their strip clubs where many of the men actually dress up).
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  2. by   PMHNP10
    Quote from nilepoc
    Seriously though, most of the high paying jobs are in terrible places to live. IMHO that is most of Texas.

  3. by   PMHNP10
    Quote from psychrn03

    Although I'll be the first to admit the heat and humidity is dreadful.
  4. by   lovepugs21
    I love Texas. They probably pay more here, b/c Texas actually realizes how much nurses are worth.... DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS.
  5. by   alansmith52
    I like it. and I grew up in the wasatch front. avid skier. none here but theres other stuff. I am not completley sure of the ins and outs but i think the laws wich govern supervision are looser here.( when I say looser I mean" more econonmically resposible, and better care for all) and there is so much more rural area per land volume than anywhere else. lots-o-rural means big need. supply and demand my friend.
  6. by   jbro
    pay is higher in rural areas, but so is the work load as you may be one of only a few anesthesia providers at the facility, ie more time on call, as opposed to a larger facility where you can rotate call with more people

    Quote from Salus69
    I am not yet even a nursing student but I think I will purse a CRNA degree.
    I was scanning crnajobs.com and it seems that Texas has a very high pay scale.

    Any ideas as to why?
  7. by   ethelbsnrn
    I am here in texas, planning to relocate ASAP!
  8. by   Cherish
    I LOVE and ADORE texas. I don't live there currently. I was in the military and lived in killeen and was stationed at fort hood (army people call it the HOOD lol its ghetto). So living in Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and Dallas, is probably the best places to live in Texas. I love AUSTIN!!! (longhorns all the way baby). I live in Maryland and went to highschool here (i HATE it thats why I joined the army lol). I am currently in Maryland for school. But WILL be joining airforce (no army EVER again lol) and plan to be stationed in TEXAS. I even still have my texas tags cause I HATE maryland, LOL. It's sooooooo cheap to buy a NEW house there and living is soooo cheap. Steaks and beef are cheap too (but they don't have cheap seafood like Maryland thats the ONLY good thing about MD). So if I was to say where to live, I would pick AUSTIN, TX or San Marcos (its smack dab in the middle of austin and san antonio-riverwalk anyone?). Texas is beautiful- except weird stuff happen there (texas chainsaw, mothers drowning/killing there kids). But thats anywhere. Nothing is wrong with Texas and people are WAYYY nicer then on the east coast (there not nosy either!).
    I also plan to be a CRNA and want to do that in Texas or Hawaii (hey life's a vacation). OH yeah if you club and party like me then you have got to go to TEXAS (austin 6th street, san antonio anywhere, dallas anywhere, and houston anywhere). Oh yea the men are HOT!!! (matthew mcconahey *spelling). There soo many HOT men (and there southern or texmex gentlemen lol) that makes you wanna go regardless lol!!!
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  9. by   crankyasanoldma
    Could y'all hold it down, please?
  10. by   Roland
    EthelBSNRN, you say that you are planning to relocate soon. I was curious what it is that is motivating you to want to leave Texas.
  11. by   TraumaNurse
    I lived in Texas for a few years (Corpus Christi and Austin and loved it!). As with any place there are some wonderful places to live in TX and the cost of living for the most part is very cheap. That said, there are also places in TX that I would not wish my worst enemy to live and those are usually the places offering big money for CRNAs. If the salaries seem high, it's for a good reason...because they have a hard time getting people to move there or stay there!
  12. by   vaRN
    I'm headed to San Antonio in 2 months. Is it that bad?
  13. by   gwk
    Quote from vaRN
    I'm headed to San Antonio in 2 months. Is it that bad?
    I'm here less thatn a year and I love it awesome weather nice people slower pace (outside of work) than east coast youll love it wanna work couplet care

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