What PDA do you use

  1. I'm interested in knowing what PDA's are being used and what software is available/better suited for the SRNA in the classroom and in clinicals. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,

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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    I have an HP Jornada with 32 mb of memory, and I had to buy an additional memory card because I ran out of room!
  4. by   megmermaid
    Palm 505 (has been replaced by the 515)
    epocrates.com is the best resource- a free program with drug information including tons on antibiotics. I don't think it's compatible with windows based handhelds yet.

    at palm.com you can find lots of free medical related downloads along with programs you pay for. You can also find solitaire and other fun stuff.

    I haven't been able to do anything new with my palm lately because it isn't working right with my computer. (I need my computer genius brother in law to come check it out.)
  5. by   dontae
    Great question Rex. I'm getting best buy gift certificates for Xmas in order to get a pda. I would love to get the one that SRNA's feel will serve me best when I get in school.

    Can't wait to hear from you all.
  6. by   Stargazer
    About 6 months ago we got the Visor Prism Handsprings at work. I found almost immediately that even with an extra 8MB of memory (Prism comes with 8MB standard), it's not enough. Yes, you can buy more memory modules, but overall the performance feels kinda clunky.

    We have Sony Clies on order now and these are slick. They're much thinner and lighter than the Visors. We're getting them with 128MB of memory and they are really handheld computers. Can hold entire texts, algorithms, charts, photos--can't wait to get mine and start working with it.
  7. by   ctbsurf
    i will be starting in january and am also interested in buying a pda. in clinicals is it a must, or just an extra toy? what percentage of srnas have pdas and use them on a regular basis at your school?

    thanks in advance
  8. by   Brenna's Dad
    I also went with the Sony Clie after reviewing responses on the board. The SJ-30 comes with 16 megs of memory, 320 x 320 pixel resolution and of course colour.I would definetly recommend colour if you can anyway afford it. It makes the entire process much more satisfying.

    When I did my market search, the Clie offered much more for the money than either the Palm or Handspring products. The colour Palm in the same price range for example (the 130 I believe)offered only 8 megs of base memory and only 160x160 resolution.

    The Clie also smokes on the Handspring products as far as looks and comfort goes. The Clie just seems so much smaller, yet has the same screen size.

    I'm starting school next month, so can't comment on either the prevalence of use or the necessity. However, I bought my PDA about 2 months ago because I wanted to ensure that I had one and knew how to use it before starting clinicals. I think the medical community has demonstrated the usefulness of these products and in some programs they are becoming mandatory.

    It just makes a whole lot of sense to be able to carry around one product for reference rather than filling up your pockets with books. I used my PDA for a short time (2 months) while I still was working and found it to be a very useful backup. It was comforting to be able to quickly do drug calcs, etc in emergent situations and I expect I will find the same comfort when doing my SRNA clinicals.
  9. by   smogmatt
    I also would go with the Sony CLIE. Better resolution, more memory. I regrettably went with the palm 505, its ok. Only 8 MB and it went fast with big medical texts. Definitely go with the Palm OS tons more programs.

    Good luck

  10. by   CRHSrn
    I got a Dell AXIM X5 (dude, I got a Dell) for Christmas. Although I'm having a few problems w/ downloading the programs (mostly user error) I really like it. It is a pocket pc w/ 64 MB of memory and a color monitor. REALLY NICE. Now I'm just going to have to learn how to download all those programs I'm going to need when I get into CRNA school!
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  11. by   nilepoc
    I am a big fan of the sony product line.

    That said, I have no use for a PDA at this stage of my training. I use my laptop for everything. My clie actually ran out of batterry power, it had not been powered up in so long. Mabye I will use it more when clinicals start, but I have to tell you that my program actively discourages PDA's in the clinical setting. In our simulations lab, we are not allowed to use them at all.

    BTW I think one of the reasons I don't use it, is that we have wireless internet all over campus, and I would rather look things up therre than on my non connected PDA.
  12. by   MomNRN
    I have the Handspring Visor - color version. Not sure of what else was out there since my husband bought it last year as a Christmas gift. It is Windows compatible. I also have the ePocrates - version 6 downloaded. Great program - I use it daily at work. It is always more up-to-date than any drug reference I have ever used.
  13. by   globalRN
    I have a Palm 505 and would buy a Sony Clie for my second time around.

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