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I've noticed many members post threads about being granted an interview and being accepted into CRNA school. It seems many members of this forum are shoe-ins. So I'm wondering.... How many... Read More

  1. by   Ianv
    3years CVICU experience applied to 2 got interviews at both and was selcted as an alternate on 1 and start this fall in the other.
  2. by   TraumaNurse
    I agree with Roland that this may be a skewed sample.
    I have 9 years critical care nursing in Trauma/surgical ICU and flight nursing. I applied to 3 schools and was accepted to all 3 first year applying.
  3. by   CRNAStudent
    Applied to one school after 1 year RN experience in CTICU, interviewed, and accepted, start this fall. Guess I got lucky!
  4. by   louloubell1
    I applied to only one school after about a year and a half experience on a CTS ICU. I start this fall too (YAY!).
  5. by   OrigamiAirplane
    I see what you all are saying. It's similiar to the cigarette smoking issue. At my school it seems like a lot of people smoke. In reality only one out of every ten students smoke. Perception of cigarette smoking is skewed because smokers smoke in plain view of others, often at building entrances/exit. The smell and visual appearance of smokers stands out against non-smokers.

    So maybe it seems that everyone who applies to CRNA school on this board gets accepted to CRNA school when in reality only one out of every ten posters gets in. Could it be that only those posting (the cig smokers) are only posting good news, nobody wants to talk about how they didn't get in. This forum is like the entrance and exit to building. Does this make sense or am I just blowing smoke?

    Oh geez this post is getting way to long, I'm going to start another thread, those with one year experience who applied and got in please check it out

    Title: One year experience and accepted, credentials please
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  6. by   DIVER CRNA
    I believe that this board helps people get into CRNA school!! Just last year, recently graduated from RN school, starting my PICU training I stumbled over this site looking for information on how to become a CRNA.

    Initially I thought if I work hard for several years I might get in to a school down the road. In reading the threads of so many who applied and got accepted in one year I was surprised, but realized a new potential reality. My confidence and motivation kicked into gear to gather all of the necessary experience and other invaluable advice (provided by this board--Read Nilepoc's SRNA BLOG). Required reading to all wanna-be SRNA?CRNA's.

    I hate to drag on but if your interested in becoming a CRNA revisit this board frequently and become an active participant in as many threads as possible. If nothing else you knowledge regarding the profession will expand, and this will prove quite valuable to you during your interview.

    Overall, there are many personal perspectives that touch the different CRNA?SRNA caveats. There is som much I know now that I did not know a year ago. Good luck on your journey!-- P.S. Got into two schools with one year PICU experience. Starting Albany Med's NA program this fall. Good luck--jeff
  7. by   trakstar
    I agree. This board among other things helped me get into CRNA school as well as nilepoc SRNA blog. Every little bit helps. Take it all in it will pay off in the future. I have 1 year total nursing experience (MICU/CCU/Trauma ICU), applied to one school one time and got accepted. I start this fall.
  8. by   Ava's mom
    I agree!! I learned a lot about the profession from this forum. I also was able to get some insight into the interview process as well as some positive reinforcement from others going through the same thing!! I have 5 years general ICU, applied to 4 school, got 4 interviews, was accepted at the first 2 schools I interviewed at, accepted at Newman, and cancelled my last 2 interviews. I will start at Newman in August.
  9. by   tcrn
    ok, here is my scoop... I applied to two programs last year and was turned down. I applied to the same two and another and was turned down by one and accepted by two. Moral of this.... sometimes you have to dig deeper within yourself, find out what you need to be more prepared and pray for a good fit. When you get in say a prayer of thanks for all that God has given you and know that whatever happens is for a reason.
  10. by   snowboarderRN
    I applied to 3 schools my first year with only 8mo exp. in ICU, 1 interview and not accepted. This year I went and got my ccrn and had another year experience and was accepted into Texas Wesleyan! I think the extra year getting more exp w/ hearts, gtts, swans, balloons, made the difference w/ a more confident interview.
  11. by   MaleAPRN
    I applied to 7 schools, interviewed with one. Accepted there. I still have 2 pending interviews...but, I think I will go with my first acceptance. This is my first time applying. But, i have been a nurse since 1996. Over 3 yrs of ICU and the rest, ER and as NP in ER too.

  12. by   traumasrna
    Applied to three schools, interviewed at 2, accepted by two, start next month, Columbia rejected me, but I turned my application in without having completed the physics requirement. Columbia was a dream school reach. Samuel Merritt in California was my first choice and I got in, thank God.

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